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20NTC Session Proposal

Automate to Liberate

Submitted by: Tim Kulp | Mind Over Machines


Americans are anxious. Robots are coming for our jobs! But guess what? We’re only going to give them the parts we don’t like to do. 

To get maximum benefit from this Age of the Augmented Human, we need to fundamentally change how we think about work. It isn’t a collection of people; it’s a collection of tasks to be accomplished. Tools like IFTTT (If This, Then That), Zapier and Microsoft Flow let you automate the mundane chores. All that data entry time can now be used to collaborate and meaningfully engage with the people you serve.  

We’ll talk about how to start small and foster automation adoption. As team members choose which parts of their job to delegate to technology, they take on more complex, human tasks, building their dream job as they go! 

Target Audience

Nonprofit leaders who want to free up their team to get creative, grow capacity and strengthen engagement.


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