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20NTC Session Proposal

Applying Data Visualization to Raise More Money Now

Submitted by: Taylor Shanklin | Pursuant


There’s a lot of data everywhere, and there are a lot of visualization tools that can help you “see” your data in different ways.  But, what is often the missing link is knowing what to do with what you see in your cool, shiny dashboards and reports.
In this session, Ryan Carpenter will show you how to take your data, look at it in cool ways and then actually segment your communications in a way to raise more money from donors who have a capacity to give now.  Ryan will show you some cool tools, case studies from organizations using data in effective ways, and the steps on how to get there for yourself and your organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to set up data dashboards that actually drive fundraising action
  • How to take your data from visual mode into something you can actually use for communications
  • How to retain, steward and upgrade your donors by looking at the right data

Target Audience

Data Geeks and Marketing Geeks who want to understand the data. Fundraising Geeks who want to raise money now.

Additional Speakers

Ryan Carpenter (Director, Causemo)


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