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20NTC Session Proposal

Application Software Selection: Today’s Methodology That Works


Many of us remember the “old days” of software selection when detailed requirements were laboriously written out in 50 page documents that were painfully responded to by exasperated software vendors who checked “We Do That” everywhere to avoid being eliminated before demos. Thankfully those days are behind us. But still — knowing and defining your requirements remains a must-do in order to have a good shot at performing a successful project.  This session reviews “best practices” that work in today’s environment of cloud-based subscription software, remote demos, on-line documentation and tutorials, and gorgeous user interfaces. Remain true to the need to define requirements (in appropriate detail), develop demo scripts for vendors (which they will try to ignore), evaluate and compare using simple criteria, and involve your user community in a fast-paced selection process that queues up the “best fit” solution for a successful — and hopefully “transformational” — system implementation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define requirements for new systems support; evaluate alternatives; select new software
  • Involve user staff in software selection to build buy-in and increase the probability of a successful implementation
  • Manage a transformational system upgrade; increase staff efficiency and mission effectiveness

Target Audience

User-Managers who plan to replace aging application systems

Additional Speakers

Echo Technology Solutions; User-Manager from a Non-profit (TBD)

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