21NTC Session Proposal

A Holistic Approach to Email Deliverability, From Acquisition to Analysis


Email marketing is still the #1 way to reach your core activists and donors — so long as your emails land in inboxes, rather than spam folders or promotions tabs!

Email deliverability (that is, inbox placement) relies on a spectrum of activity — from establishing trust at the point of subscription, to choosing the best sender, audience, content, and timing, to analyzing and optimizing performance.

This session will explain why an holistic approach to email deliverability — allying web, data, messaging, and advertising strategy — is crucial to achieving email performance goals.  It will present best practices for email content, subject lines, senders, and audience segmentation; signup forms, advertisements, and other acquisition channels; data structures, tracking, and analysis that lead to improved deliverability.  These tips and tricks will be contextualized with examples from The Humane League, where implementation has skyrocketed open rates to over 50%.

Session Type


AnalyticsCase StudyContent StrategyEmail

Target Audience

Marketing and fundraising staff who develop email content; IT and database professionals who advise on email lists and deliverability