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20NTC Session Proposal

All Together Now: Creating Unity with a Messaging Platform


The “Curse of Knowledge” says that once we know something, it’s impossible to imagine what it was like not to know it. And this is what makes it so tricky for communication professionals to create an effective, accurate messaging platform for their organization.

But there are shortcuts and tricks—ways to craft your public messaging that overcome the Curse of Knowledge. In this practical session, we’ll explore these tactics. From that initial “put everything on the table” discovery meeting to realistic processes for culling those messages down to essential brand truths, we’ll provide the framework you need to build a messaging platform that works for you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build messaging that can be used consistently across your organization
  • Understand the internal and external uses for a messaging platform and communicate its importance to get buy-in from leadership
  • Disseminate a messaging platform to your team in a way that sticks

Target Audience

Marketing and communications teams interested in building centralized, consistent, and compelling messaging for their organization.


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