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20NTC Session Proposal

“Alexa, Please Donate $50 to…” and Other Emerging Fundraising Tactics


We live in a time where donors can make a gift to a nonprofit simply by using his or her voice. No checkbook, no stamp, no online form…just a voice (“Hey, Alexa”). This no-friction donation tactic will certainly heat up in the coming years, but what other ways are nonprofits raking in online donations outside of email, SEM, and websites? We’ll talk about how Amazon, Google and Facebook are changing the game for nonprofits, along with the pros and cons. 

This session is hosted by Jeremy Haselwood, author of the book, “The Digital Fundraising Blueprint: How to Raise More Money Online For Your Nonprofit.” 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how Amazon Alexa is changing digital fundraising
  • Learn how Facebook is advancing peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Learn other non-traditional digital tactics for online donations

Target Audience

Marketing & Communications staff, Development Staff, Digital Teams


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