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20NTC Session Proposal

Advocates, Donors, Online and Offline: Making It All Work

Submitted by: Gillea Allison NTEN Member badge |


Numerous reports underscore the value of communicating with your constituents across multiple channels. In fact, organizations retain about 58% of multi-channel first-time donors as opposed to retaining only 29% of offline-only donors and 23% of online-only donors, according to a 2013 Blackbaud report. When you reach out through more than one channel, you meet your donors where they are, at the right time, and via a channel that appeals most to them. Simultaneously, communicating with donors and activists across channels increases the likelihood of recruiting and retaining donors. This often means building in meaningful interactions that are not centered around the donation ask; rather they are engaging, empowering, and content-rich. How does an organization do this and still manage costs?

In this session, we will explore this important question, as well as:

  • Leveraging email to increase mission-driven engagement
  • Extending phone and direct mail acquisition to your digital advocates
  • When and how to incorporate monthly giving asks and in which channels
  • Multichannel messaging and cultivation strategies (specifically engagement and advocacy that help build the donor base)
  • Tracking performance across channels
  • Evaluating channels to inform performance


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Wilson A


March 23, 2017


3:30pm – 5:00pm

CFRE Credits


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