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20NTC Session Proposal

Accessibility & Inclusion for Content Producers


As justice-oriented organizations, nonprofits have a responsibility to make their content available to everyone, regardless of identity or ability. Ensuring your digital content is accessible involves stakeholders across your organization—not just developers. Content producers and marketers play a huge role in whether or not content is reaching the largest possible audience. Are you paying enough attention to accessibility in your content creation process?  

Improving the universality of your content will also: 

  • Improve SEO 
  • Increase video engagement
  • Remove jargon and make content more understandable to everyone
  • Provide users with more scannable, structured content
  • Make it easier to implement accessibility improvements in the future 

In this session, we will cover the key accessibility topics all content producers should be familiar with, and give you ideas for your own organization, including: 

  • Alt-text
  • Video captions and transcripts
  • Plain language 
  • Social media best practices
  • Formalizing accessibility guidelines
  • Accessibility and print materials

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand key accessibility concerns as they relate to content creation
  • Take advantage of available tools and resources for creating accessible content, including writing in plain language and captioning videos
  • Develop strategies for implementing accessible content in their organizations

Target Audience

Content producers, marketing staff, or anyone hoping to deepen their understanding of accessibility and content.


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