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20NTC Session Proposal

A Foolproof Guide to SEM Campaign Optimization


Whether you’re new to the paid search game or an old-hat, this session will focus on how SEM optimization can take your fundraising efforts to the next level.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Come up with a bulletproof keyword strategy: Are you really using the best keywords? What are the pros and cons of various types of keywords? What is keyword insertion? How can negative keywords and search terms help take your campaigns to the next level?
  • Use ad extensions to bring in more income: How do ad extensions work? Which are the best ad extension types for your nonprofit? How can they improve the effectiveness of your text ads?
  • Find your targeting sweet spot: How do you make sure your ads reach the right audience? How can you use Google Analytics to determine your target audience?
  • Understand what all the data you’re collecting actually means: What are the numbers really telling you about your search campaigns? How can this help you improve results?
  • Learn more about the Google Ad Grants program and how nonprofits can maximize their returns from it

Learning Outcomes

  • Optimize your paid search campaigns to further your fundraising goals
  • Use Google Analytics to identify your key targeting audience
  • Understand what your data is telling you and learn which KPIs are most important when analyzing campaign performance



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April 13, 2018


10:30am – 12:00pm



CFRE Credits

Approved - 1.5

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