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20NTC Session Proposal

4 Non-Negotiable Impact Investments in Ourselves


The social impact space is full of passionate, tireless leaders who put mission first. But the space is also full of tired, stressed out leaders who put themselves dead last.

Is that you? Do you invest in tools that will impact and develop your team’s leadership capacity and skills? Do you give yourself permission to allocate time and budget for professional development? Do you set a positive, healthy example for your team when it comes to boundaries between work and personal life?

There is a systemic misunderstanding held by nonprofit leadership about what is and is not “okay” when it comes to investments in individuals. #nonprofitlife is an outdated and unhelpful cliche. It’s time to establish new norms in the sector.

In this session, we’ll talk through 4 non-negotiable impact investments in the individual that should be institutionalized to ensure that your organization supports a healthy, high-functioning team.

Target Audience

Executives and decision-makers of small to medium size organizations


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