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20NTC Session Proposal

360° View of Your Donor: Build It & Use It!


A donor is more than a timeline of individual transactions with your organization. They’re a complex amalgam of interests, concerns, experiences, motivations and passions. Every time you add to and draw on your 360° understandings of each donor, you build the vital relationships that strengthen your nonprofit.  

In this session, I’ll explain how you can best configure and put your CRM to work collecting data, creating workflows, and determining next best actions that nurture donor development. I’ll talk about how to marry up business intelligence (BI) tools with your CRM to gain a deeper understanding of the people behind the data. BI should be used to segment your database, identifying and creating subpopulations you can grow into active communities.  

Marathon runners, wine connoisseurs, political activists. Your tech platform can provide each with valuable content and meaningful opportunities to participate in the important work your organization does.  

Target Audience

Development, fundraising, marketing and communications professionals ready to leverage technology for a holistic understanding of current and prospective donors


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