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10 Takeaways Non-Profits Can Borrow from Political Campaigns

Submitted by: Catherine Algeri | Fearless


With the Presidential race in full swing for over a year, we’ve seen campaigns place their fates in the hands of small-dollar donors — and raise incredible sums of money. 

From robust digital acquisition programs, to innovative contests, to aggressive SMS programs, this sprint is designed to make sure that non-profit leaders can walk away with new strategies to start testing as soon as they get back to the office.

Join Catherine Algeri, former head of digital for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and now Chief Strategy Officer of Fearless Strategies, to break down key takeaways that non-profits can being integrating into their digital plans. 


Target Audience

Marketing and digital staff who have an active interest in testing and enhancing their program with learnings from other sectors

Additional Speakers

Chrissy Hyre, Vice President of Innovation, Fearless Strategies


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