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20NTC Session Proposal

10 Steps to Cybersecurity Maturity


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by cybersecurity. Whether it’s data breaches, ransomware, hacked webcams or botnet armies powered by millions of smart light bulbs, many of us in charge of protecting our organizations’ and our clients’ information can be forgiven for wanting to curl up into a ball and hide. There are so many threats, how can we even keep track of them, let alone protect ourselves, our organizations and our constituents from them? This workshop will help you get a plan you can start on right away. We will break down cybersecurity into common-sense, understandable components that you can use to help your organization move toward greater cybersecurity maturity. We will help you understand how to think about what information is important to protect and how much protection it might need. Then we’ll give you specific tools, practices and templates to help you get started.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the components of a risk analysis
  • Improved understanding of current information security at your organization
  • Many free templates, tools & services to help you take action

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the fundamentals of cybersecurity practices for nonprofits


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