Session Proposal FAQ

Do you have questions about the session proposal process? This FAQ has the answers you need.

Who can submit a proposal?

Everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal. Submissions are open to the public, regardless of membership status or previous roles within the community. In particular, individuals and organizations that have not presented previously at an NTC and those from underrepresented communities and perspectives are encouraged to participate.

Can I propose a keynote address?

Our keynote speakers are by invitation only.

How does Community Input work?

Community Input is open to anyone to participate. Individuals may favorite a particular proposal only once but can favorite as many proposals as they’d like.

The Session Advisory Committee is a group of leaders within the nonprofit technology community who are representative of the larger community and their respective category areas. This group also selects the proposals they believe should be included on the agenda during the community input phase.

The Session Advisory Committee voters will keep the following questions in mind when considering sessions:

  • Is the proposal content of current interest or on an emerging topic?
  • Does this proposal support NTEN’s commitment to equity and liberation?
  • Has the proposal content been implemented?
  • Is the proposal an innovative solution, or does it offer a fresh treatment?
  • Does the proposal address or support solving significant problems in nonprofit technology?
  • Are the learning objectives clearly defined so that the audience knows what they’re leaving with?
  • Do the session designer and speaker have expertise on this topic?

The final selection is based on the combined results of both groups and with consideration for ensuring a balanced agenda overall regarding topics.

What happens next?

We will post session acceptance notifications on November 19. When registration opens, accepted speakers receive a reduced rate with a sliding scale.

If your session is not accepted, there may be other opportunities to participate in NTC, including joining a session panel. We will notify the community as these opportunities arise.

I’m ready! Where do I submit my proposal?

You can submit your proposal by visiting our Session Proposal page between August 31 and October 4.