The Nonprofit Technology Conference educational sessions are collaborative and chosen by the NTEN community. Whether you’re a longtime attendee or are new to the community and have never attended the NTC before, we encourage you to help design our program by submitting a session proposal. If your session is selected, you’ll receive FREE registration!

Don’t be discouraged by the word “proposal.” At this stage, we’re asking only for a brief description of what your session would be and what takeaways you want the audience to have. That’s it! Don’t worry about creating an outline of the presentation, drafting slides, or figuring out who your co-presenter will be. There will be plenty of time later to figure out all the details. Right now, a high-level overview is all the community needs to see if people would be interested in the session.


Public Proposals: October 16–November 20
Public Community Input: November 30–December 13
Session Advisory Input: November 24–December 13
Advisory Final Review: January 4–10
Session Notifications: January 15

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Proposals listed in blue have been submitted. Click the proposal name to link to the session page, which you can review and share with colleagues during the community input period. The black proposals are saved drafts and must be edited and submitted by November 6 to be eligible for consideration.