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19NTC Session Proposals

When Your Normal is My Trigger: Unpacking Multiple Generations and White Privilege

Your organization, board, volunteers and funders represent an wide diversity of generations at work together. This fun and engaging session uses the backdrop of Generational Understanding and Predictable Triggers to re-frame communication across differences.  Attracting talent, legitimizing your leadership bench, handling conflict, leading culture change, raising money, building a diverse workforce, working competently across cultures – all of these happen within a multi-generational context.  Leading in today’s workplace means that we must improve at attracting, motivating, retaining, and refereeing across differences.  This session will include practical tips, a sense of humor and some serious ideas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to recognize differences and manage across generational divides
  • Use the framework of Generational Differences to have deeper conversations across challenging divides like race, class, gender, inclusion, and privilege.
  • Avoid a few common and unnecessary generational "triggers"

Suggested Tags

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Barbara Grant


Crux Consulting Consortium

Barbara is well versed in a variety of organizational development models, tool-agnostic, and uses multiple methodologies to assist leaders and teams in moving forward. She started consulting with local and regional non-profits, foundations and public sector groups in 2000 after leaving a 10 year career at Microsoft. She has a passion for public education, strengthening leadership, and working effectively across differences of culture, generations and power. Her experience ranges from running lines of business and eventually directing Microsoft’s Leadership Development programs worldwide to working with CEOs and Executive Team members in a variety of international, national and regional organizations. She has a working knowledge across the social, public and private sector as well as two decades of experience working with international NGOs. With 30 years of leadership experience, she has hired and managed hundreds of people, has worked with and consulted with boards, executives, teams, and organizations across size, structure and cultures. Barbara has a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Bastyr University and a BA in International Relations from the University of Notre Dame. She learns context quickly, is intuitive and direct, and believes in being a “disappearing stitch,” where clients continue to grow and scale successfully long after the interaction with Crux is completed. Barbara works in a variety of countries and settings, is fluent in Spanish, and, being of Irish heritage, has a well-developed sense of humor.