Stay Out of Email Jail and Avoid Deliverability Death Traps

Low open rates are a clear signal to email service providers that your audience is not engaged with you, and this factors into the deliverability of your future emails, and can even lead to your emails being completely blocked—a deliverability death trap! In this session, we’ll discuss tips, tricks and strategies to smartly segment your file, avoid those SPAM traps, and hit more inboxes. We’ll also chat about how to re-engage audiences who aren’t opening your emails, ”waking up” warm prospects on your file.

Finally, we’ll share a case study resulting in a 126% increase in open rates year over year, leading to more engaged prospects and revenue.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine why your emails aren't getting delivered to your donors’ inboxes
  • Discover why open rates are so important and learn how to improve them using audience segmentation
  • Learn how to re-engage audiences who aren't opening your emails


Rebecca Luckett
CDR Fundraising Group
Senior Account Executive
Rebecca Luckett is a Senior Account Executive at CDR Fundraising Group. She is responsible for leading digital campaign execution to acquire, cultivate, retain and upgrade online donors across multiple nonprofit clients. Rebecca graduated Penn State University with a degree in Advertising (We are...!) and soon after, joined the workforce with a small communications agency serving nonprofit clients. After developing a passion for working with nonprofits, she started working in the digital fundraising space directly for an animal protection organization. She has now happily settled back on the agency side with CDR Fundraising Group. She lives in Maryland with her husband and Lucky Dog rescue pup Harper.

Dan Clasgens
DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
Digital Marketing Strategist
Dan has been leading DAV's digital programs for over two years and has nearly two decades of content marketing and user engagement experience.

Amy Braiterman
CDR Fundraising Group
Associate Director, Digital Media