Recurring Donations in a Rapid Response World: Building Sustainable Organizations Right Now

In the current media landscape, where the narrative changes rapidly and causes can be thrust into the spotlight at a moment’s notice, it can be tough to create a sustainable fundraising plan and stick to it. Recurring donations can help, and they have benefits for organizations and donors alike. Not only do they allow donors to give more money over time in smaller increments that they can afford, but they also help your organization even out your budgeting when the focus is off of your cause, and help you bottle lightning. With a recurring donation ask, the money you raise during a big rapid response moment will continue to come in long after your comms team got that headline story, and you’ll have started a relationship with a new supporter.

We’ll talk with people who work at organizations and consulting firms about best practices for recurring programs in general, and about how they get ready to make effective recurring donation asks during their organizations’ big, and often unexpected, moments. Finally, we’ll talk about how to follow up with recurring donors and keep them engaged long after their initial commitment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how and why recurring donations are so valuable to organizations
  • Figure out how to turn a big rallying moment for your cause into long-term success
  • Hear how recurring donations have transformed other nonprofits' work


Hannah Brown
Director of Marketing
Hannah has worked in digital organizing and fundraising for over six years. At ActBlue, she monitors and writes about industry-wide fundraising trends and best practices, and leads the nonprofit organization's own fundraising program.

Matt Reese
Everytown for Gun Safety
National Digital Director

Elizabeth Bennett
Revolution Messaging
Associate Director
Elizabeth Bennett is Associate Director for the Advertising team at Revolution Messaging in Washington, D.C.. She primarily works with political campaigns and candidates to assist in email list acquisition and donor retention using paid media tactics.

Cheryl Hori
The Fairness Project
Digital Director

Amanda Mourant
Digital Director