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19NTC Session Proposals

It Sounds Boring But It Works: Analytics as Change Management

Here’s the deal: Digital transformation takes crossfunctional buy-in. You can’t step up your organization’s digital strategy if you or your department are the only ones are ready to contribute.

Lucky for you, you can’t build a modern digital program until you can track your organization’s crossfunctional KPIs and see what needs to be fixed. Enter Google Analytics as a tool for both tracking and change management.

Let’s explore the ways a custom Google Analytics configuration can be a trojan horse to building digital buy in by proving the value to everyone you work with.

Learning Outcomes

  • Hear stories from the frontlines about organization who built buy-in with Analytics
  • Learn how to pitch this work to other teams who aren't immediately interested
  • Walk away with a list of things you should be tracking for yourself and for others

Suggested Tags

CultureData and MetricsStrategy