How To Conquer Technology Distraction And Burnout And Be More Present For Yourself, Team, And Organization

You’re amazing at what you do. You’re deeply committed to the non-profit community and leveraging technology to make the world a better place. But you struggle with getting (and staying) focused and are on the brink of burnout from the endless emails and notifications from social media and your devices. You know there’s a better a way to manage the tech tools that seem to be getting in your way more than helping you and your team advance the mission of your organization. If this sounds like you, join us for a fun, interactive session that addresses technology mindfulness for individuals, teams, and organizations.

We’ll cover the following: 1) how you can combat technology burnout so that you spend more time on mission-critical activities; 2)  how teams can mindfully use technology to improve productivity, and; 3) how to improve your nonprofit’s culture to encourage mindful organizational technology use.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn strategies for combatting technology burnout so you can spend more time on mission-critical activities and less time wrangling technology.
  • Learn strategies for how teams can mindfully use technology in ways that improve productivity.
  • Learn how to improve your nonprofit's culture to encourage mindful organizational technology use.


Meico Whitlock
Mindful Techie
Speaker and Trainer on Mindfulness + Technology
Hello! I'm Meico Marquette Whitlock, Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, an organization that helps purpose-driven organizations and professionals around the globe tackle technology distraction, information overload, and work-life balance in a digital world through talks, workshops, and trainings. I'm deeply committed to helping you live your life with purpose on purpose, free from never-ending emails, social media notifications, and breaking news alerts through training and coaching. I want nothing more for you than to reclaim your life from the grips of never-ending emails, social media, your devices, and other digital technology. I want you to live a fulfilling personal life outside of your work and while also being more effective when you are at work. I want you to never be too busy to find balance in a noisy world. That's the life you were born to live. In my previous career, I was a communications director and non-profit techie and have worked for nearly two decades to leverage information and communication technology to serve underserved communities. #MindfulTechie #Meditator #Yogi #Minimalist #Triathlete