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19NTC Session Proposals

Get Involved. Take Action. Action Center: Where Engagement Goes to Die

Get Involved. Take Action. Action Center. Does your website have one of these? Is it basically a dumping ground listing all the ways people can engage with you? You’re not alone!

But if the primary purpose of a nonprofit website is to get people involved, then why do most of us relegate it to one section, presenting our most important content in a long, overwhelming list?

Learn how two nonprofits really got to know their audiences, then created a clear, streamlined visitor-centric experience to help people engage — resulting in more money, more volunteers, more advocates, and more impact.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic steps toward a better constituent experience for “getting involved” via a nonprofit’s website
  • Plan for learning more about audience, engaging stakeholders, and setting KPIs to measure progress on internal and external needs
  • Identify opportunities for improvements to existing websites, across a range of budgets and technologies

Suggested Tags

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Margaux O'Malley

Senior Manager, Digital Communications, Web Operations

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

For most of her career Margaux has used her web and communication skills to help nonprofits better engage their stakeholders, and have greater impact on the causes they address. Working with a range of organizations, she has built expertise across many digital channels in various combinations (web, blog, podcasting, email, social media, etc.). In 2017 Margaux joined the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, where her core duty is to create an excellent digital supporter experience for people with CF and those who love them. She was awarded an NTENny for being the “most likely to be a calming presence during your communications and Drupal crises,” and served as a co-organizer of the NTEN Drupal Community of Practice from 2015-2017.