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19NTC Session Proposals

Effective tools for onboarding incoming and offboarding outgoing staff

The average length of time an employee stays at their current position is four years – and that number seems to be decreasing. With so many employers dealing with high turnover rates, bringing on new staff and off-boarding staff who are leaving can be full-time work. While there is always a learning curve for every new hire, how staff are trained can impact the operations and productivity of your organization. Learn how to create systems and checklists that can be implemented in any office setting to ensure smoother transitions, better transfer of important information and the creation of efficient work-flows.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create checklists to track training of tools, systems and programs for incoming staff.
  • Share the wealth. Learn to leverage the skills of your existing colleagues to maximize training opportunities.
  • Capture the knowledge of employees who are leaving through template documents and other shareable tools.

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