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19NTC Session Proposals

Effective Social Media Advertising on $100 a Month

Not every nonprofit has a 5-figure budget to spend on social media advertising. So how do you rise above the noise and reach the audiences that matter most to your organization? Looking at several case studies that have shown high results on small investments, we’ll help you to identify the advertising platforms that give you the largest ROI for your organization and plan a campaign — from targeting to messaging to measuring — that can be run on $100 a month. We’ll also lay out the next steps for you to take to start #winning at paid social.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the best platforms to make the most effective use of your organization’s budget
  • Find and target the audiences most likely to convert and identify measurable actions that define conversion
  • Measure and track social advertising campaigns and know when to pivot based on success rate

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Jasmine Cordew

Digital Advertising Whaler

Whole Whale

As our Digital Advertising Whaler, Jasmine works across the Whole Whale team to help clients manage successful paid and organic social media campaigns and make smart use of their Google Ad Grants. In her time as a Whaler, Jasmine has managed over $1.2 million of Google Ad Grant dollars, helping organizations from Donate Life America and the Cancer Research Institute to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America and Concern Worldwide US gain more quality website traffic through their Ad Grant campaigns while staying compliant with Ad Grant policy changes. Focusing on digital impact and community growth for social media advertising, Jasmine has successfully spent more than $40,000 in Facebook advertising dollars for organizations including Breakthrough US and Black Public Media. Her campaigns have generated 800 qualified leads in the span of one week for Earth Day Network and increased the social media following and engagement for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America by 11% in one month. With a background in performing arts, Jasmine brings her stage presence to client trainings and conference stages, most recently the 2018 Create Good Conference for creative nonprofit communications where she spoke on using Facebook advertising in a data-driven way to fuel the groundswells around creative ideas. Clients can expect to see Jasmine in trainings around all things social, Google Ads, and social advertising and leave feeling confident and ready to take on the digital world. With a strong passion for social good, Jasmine has helped the Orphaned Starfish Foundation and Open Moments NYC with event coordination, digital analysis, and content creation. She is also an event organizer with the New York chapter of 501Tech, our local chapter of the Nonprofit Technology Network which brings together pros and accidental techies to share advice, resources, and opportunities within the sector. Before becoming a Whaler, Jasmine worked in digital marketing and account management at Zeno Group, where she managed influencer programs and paid advertising for clients including QVC, Sylvan Learning Center, and Giovanni Rana. In her off-time, Jasmine enjoys binge watching Rick and Morty, analyzing natal charts, and checking out cool city eateries.

George Weiner


Co-founder of the largest platform for young people and poetry online. Building a safe, supportive and creative platform home to half a million young people around the world. George is the former CTO of and the founder of Whole Whale, a social impact digital agency. He is also the Chairman of America's Charities, a leading workplace giving solution for employees.