19NTC Session

Building Relationships Using Voice (Drupal + WordPress Session)

As many as 51% of those 55 and older use voice-activated speakers such as Alexa; citing “it empowers me to instantly get answers and information.” These breakthrough technologies are not just for millennials and early adopters, they’re for the majority of your donor file. Just under 50 nonprofits are registered with Alexa, so far reporting varying degrees of success with the tool. But technology like this will hit a tipping point, and it will happen faster than we can predict. Will you be present to meet your donors where they are, in the moment they’re ready to support you? This session will cover how to prepare your website and content for voice technology, and some interesting ways organizations are using Alexa Skills to build relationships.

This session is presented by ThinkShout.





March 12, 2019


9:45am – 10:45am

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