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Request Additional NTC Speakers

If you need additional speakers for your NTC session, we’re here to help! There is so much expertise in the NTEN community to draw on. We’ve created a process for connecting you with potential matches without publishing your contact information. Please use the form on this page to make a request.


  • Lead speaker shares specific needs via the form below
  • If NTEN knowns of a good match, we’ll make an introduction
  • If NTEN doesn’t know of a good match, your request will be publicly shared beginning November 1 (no contact details are shared)
  • Inquires via the public page will be sent to the lead speaker
  • If the lead determines that it’s a good match, they’ll add the new speaker to their panel (more instructions on that coming soon)



The following are a few examples of what a good description statement might look like.

Looking for someone from a nonprofit who has experience implementing a training program for staff. A bonus for being able to share examples of specific tactics used, how you achieved buy-in and outcomes.


Looking for another presenter to showcase the use of mapping and GIS technology to advance an org’s mission and increase impact. If you have real-world success stories or case studies that you would like to share with the NTEN community, please let us know a little about your work.

Request Form

  • This is the unique three-digit number you have been assigned for your specific session.
  • 1-2 sentences that describe what you are looking for in your additional speaker(s). This is what others will see before responding to your request. See the example above.