Pre-Conference Day

Join us at the 19NTC Pre-Conference Day on Tuesday, March 12. Bring your questions and get ready to take a deep-dive into Drupal, WordPress, ActBlue, or IT Security.

New for 2019! We have reserved at least 8 sessions for the NTEN Drupal and WordPress communities to use how they wish. Sessions created by these groups will be added to the agenda in the coming weeks. We’d also like to acknowledge and thank Message Agency who has generously given 2 of their 4 sponsored Pre-Conference sessions to the Drupal community!

Pre-Conference registration is $20 and can be purchased when you register for the NTC.


Sessions are still being added, so please check back here for updates.

MythBusters: WordPress Edition (WordPress session)

Presented by Cornershop Creative

We’ve heard it all. From dirty rumors about insecurity to warnings of lack of support, WordPress faces a litany of accusations. And for good reason. WordPress is so popular, it’s no wonder there are so many rumors floating around about it. We’re here to set the record straight. Come get the facts from WordPress experts. We’ll talk about which rumors are true, which are not, and how you can run the most effective WordPress site on the internet.

The Very InFORMative WordPress Form Session (WordPress session)

Presented by Cornershop Creative

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You just need a simple form on your website. But then you start thinking about how that form should look, exactly what data it should collect, and what kinds of notification emails should be sent… and then someone asks how you’re going to get the data into your CRM, and the next thing you know, your head has exploded from all the open questions and options.

This very inFORMative session will put your head back together, equip you with a fresh perspective on planning and developing your form creation strategy, and give you easy tactics and tools to make sure everything works just as you need it to. You may have only FORMative knowledge of forms, but you’ll leave this session with FORMidable knowledge.

How to Build a Strong Digital Fundraising Program (ActBlue sessions)

Presented by ActBlue

Online charitable giving is more important than ever as people around the country look for an easy way to make an impact in these tumultuous times. This means nonprofits need to be prioritizing strong digital fundraising programs. Not only do online donations make it easier for donors to support your cause, but they can help you spread out your fundraising over the year and build a more sustainable organization. We’ll show you how anyone can use ActBlue’s simple but powerful online fundraising platform to build beautiful contribution forms, increase your monthly donors, and make data-driven decisions.

Responsible Tracking: Learning from your users without being creepy (Drupal + WordPress sessions)

Presented by Kanopi Studios

As site owners, it’s impossible for us to serve our users better without knowing a little bit about them — what’s working for them, and what isn’t. There are a number of high-impact but unobtrusive ways to learn more about how users interact with your site and your brand. In fact, you might be surprised at the information you can learn about your users with nothing more than Google Analytics.

This talk will expose some touchpoints that can help you learn about your users and how they interact with your site. We’ll discuss tools that move beyond just your analytics platform to help you gain access to these insights, and we’ll walk through some core features of Google Analytics that you may not be aware of.

Leaving this session, you’ll have a better understanding of the types of tracking tools, the information you can glean from them, and how to ensure your data tracking is responsible, transparent, and accessible.

Checking under the hood: Auditing your website for a smooth ride (Drupal Session)

Presented by Kanopi Studios

We often talk about websites the way we talk about cars. Are you driving a flashy sports car or a stable hatchback? And is yours a lemon, no matter how pretty the paint job? And if you just got one used, what’s going on under the hood? There’s a way to address these questions about your website, and it’s called a technical audit.

The vast majority of site owners live in fear of the day their site “breaks down.” Performing a site audit can ensure you understand the current state of your site, from the back end code level to the front end performance. It can also help you see potential problems when it comes time to add features (like that sweet audio system).

People attending this session will learn the basic building blocks of performing a technical audit.

  • Approaches for auditing different aspects of your Drupal site: custom code, theme and front-end functionality, back-end configuration and modules, accessibility, etc.
  • Tools that can be used to run these tests
  • Tips on what to watch for when managing a Drupal website over time

Developing a Website RFP? Tips on Getting the Responses You Want (WordPress Session)

Presented by Kanopi Studios

Nobody loves writing or responding to request for proposals (RFPs) but it is often a necessary process. In this session, we will discuss the steps it takes to write a good website RFP, but also how to attract the right vendors to bid and what to do to make this process an educational and meaningful experience.

In this tactical session you will learn:

  • How to get accurate requirements
  • How to navigate stakeholder needs/voice/wants
  • How to organize your budget
  • How to attract the right respondents
  • How to choose/evaluate proposals
  • What reference questions to ask
  • How to create clarity in the contract

Assessing Accessibility: How to Create Inclusive Digital Products (Drupal + WordPress Session)

Presented by Message Agency

Does your website create an inclusive or exclusive environment for users? Does your digital strategy incorporate web accessibility standards? Are you not sure? Let’s have a conversation and find out!

This session details how to start, develop, manage, and get buy-in for creating inclusive digital products. We’ll cover topics like:

  • An introduction to web accessibility
  • Inclusive design and UX principles
  • Business and social cases for compliance
  • Strategies and tools for incorporating web accessibility in every project phase
  • Interim repairs and communication tactics

We’ll also do a comparison of how Drupal and WordPress, the two most popular open source content management systems, stack up in terms of accessibility out of the box.

Got a CMS? Got Salesforce? You’ve got Power! (Drupal + WordPress + CRM Session)

Presented by Message Agency

Drupal and WordPress are powerful tools on their own, but when they are integrated with a contact relationship management (CRM) system like Salesforce, it can have an exponential impact on how you track users, transactions, and interaction.

Integration doesn’t always have to be a complicated or expensive endeavor, either, and no one approach is the right solution for everyone or every case. There are a number of ways you can benefit and a range of strategies—from self-service web-to-lead forms, to plug-ins and modules, to web services, to third-party platforms. This session will help you make sense of what’s available and which option makes sense for your needs.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Why you might want to integrate
  • Examples of ways you can leverage these tools
  • The methods available for each CMS
  • How to evaluate what you can do on your own vs. with the help of a developer

Data Security, Privacy, and GDPR for Nonprofits 

Presented by Microsoft

Join us for a half-day interactive workshop where experts from Microsoft and Tech Impact will walk you through the basics of Data Security, Data Privacy, and GDPR. We’ll talk through a do-it-yourself assessment of your organization’s Data Privacy and Security practices. Experts will then help you prioritize your organization’s next steps to keep your constituent, volunteer, and donor data secure. You’ll also have an opportunity to view the latest technologies to help keep your data safe on-premise and in the cloud.

Azure and AI for Nonprofits

Presented by Microsoft

Join us for a half-day interactive workshop geared toward nonprofit leaders and staff who either currently use or are considering Azure to streamline operations, increase capacity, and integrate end-to-end data intelligence to power deep organizational insights. We will explore AI technologies that are relevant for all nonprofits, and experts will help you prioritize your organization’s next steps to successfully use AI tools in your own programs.

Building scalable websites with Drupal: A Bene Case Study (Drupal Session)

Presented by ThinkShout

In partnership with a local Portland nonprofit, we’ll talk through how they utilized the open source distribution, Bene, to tell their story and effectively engage users on their site. We’ll discuss the flexible page building tools, the design process, and content migration. In addition, we’ll explore how to keep your site compelling, effective, and secure after the initial launch. This session is for growing nonprofits who need the building blocks for a solid website that evolves over time without all the complexities of a fully custom Drupal site.

Organizational measurement and metrics (Drupal Session)

Presented by ThinkShout

As nonprofits, your work revolves around goals, metrics, and measuring the success of your efforts. Yet sometimes goal definition gets murky across an organization, and competing goals from different departments can make it difficult to center your mission. This session will cover how to define your organizational measurement and metrics in ways that will resonate with your board and leadership as well as set benchmarks for your respective departments.


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