Featured Sessions

Big ideas and important conversations. Featured Sessions are curated by NTEN to highlight some of the most critical topics for the nonprofit technology sector.

The majority of the NTC agenda is designed by the community. As the NTC host, NTEN reserves these 6 sessions to hold space for conversations we want to ensure make it onto the agenda and as a whole represent some of the most challenging and important topics right now.

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Featured Sessions are part of the regular agenda and take place as 90-minute sessions. The difference is that NTEN has selected the 6 broad topics. Community members can apply to be presenters and the group of presenters selected for each topic will be able to further refine the specific focus of the content, generate the title and description, and plan how to use the session time.

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Last year was the first time we included Featured Sessions in the agenda and we curated them behind the scenes. This year, we want to change that and make it a more public and transparent process. We will select 2-4 presenters for each topic, using the same guidelines as the other sessions (emphasis on a diversity of perspectives, experience, and identities, as well as including nonprofit voices, etc.). NTC presenters have been experienced public speakers and people who’ve never had an opportunity to speak into a microphone – people of all experience levels, backgrounds, job types, and mission areas are welcome to apply.

The six broad topics for Featured Sessions this year include:

  • The future of work: Changes happening now and on the horizon that impact how we work
  • Security and trust: Maintaining our data and building trust with more divisiveness, fake news, and cyber attacks
  • Changing the nonprofit and tech sectors: We know the problems but how we do fundamentally shift the sectors
  • Centering our communities: How do we truly center our communities instead of our boards or funders
  • Creating the world we want inside our organizations: Can we advance the impact and equity of our collective missions without starting with the benefits, policies, and practices in place internally
  • Demystifying impacts on the sector: What do things like net neutrality, copyright law, PCI compliance, the Johnson Amendment, and more mean for us as individual nonprofits and as a sector

Please complete the form below to apply to be a 19NTC Featured Session presenter. Applications will close December 14, 2018.

19NTC Featured Session Application

  • How do you want to discuss this or explore this topic? Do you have a central lesson or a few highlights? Please share here the idea/s you want the audience to remember from your contributions on this topic.
  • Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion encompasses both the diversity of individuals' identities (we consider diversity in a diversity of ways!) as well as the areas of expertise, experience, job type, organization, and more. Please help us understand more about you and the lived experience and perspectives you will bring to the session.