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At the 19NTC

Any NTEN staff member can help answer your questions on site. You can always find us at the registration desk or email

Where will the event be held?

The Oregon Convention Center, located at 777 NE Martin Luther King Blvd, Portland, OR, 97232.

Are meals included?

Grab-and-go breakfast, buffet lunch, and light appetizers during receptions are included with your registration.

Special diets

All of our meals avoid the top 10 allergens and  accommodate diets such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and paleo to the extent we are able. Please see a staff member if you aren’t able to find food that fits your needs.

Coat Check

A coat check is available all three days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and will be located in Hall D near the Community Service Projects.

Lactation Room

We have a lactation room available with comfortable seating, cubbies for storage, Wi-Fi, and a small fridge. Please ask for the key at the registration desk.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is available at the registration desk.

Gender-neutral Restrooms

Gender-neutral restrooms will be identified on the map in the conference app. The gender-neutral restrooms on on the first floor outside of room F149.

Pronoun Ribbons

NTEN is committed to celebrating and honoring the diversity of our community. Pick up a pronoun ribbon after you pick up your 19NTC badge. We’ll provide ribbons to convey she/her, he/him, or they/them, as well as customizable blank ribbons.

Use of these ribbons is optional; however, we strongly encourage all attendees to participate. The more attendees who participate, the less likely someone will stand out for noting their pronouns. Learn more about why we use pronoun ribbons here.

Prayer and Meditation Room

A quiet space for prayer and meditation is available in room D134.

Quiet Space and Reiki

Room D132 is reserved as quiet space. Between 10am and 4PM, Christine Egger will provide free 10-minute reiki sessions. Reiki, a Japanese healing method, is a resource for reducing stress and promoting healing.

Speaker Preparation Room

Speakers will find space and supplies in room 257.


What is an Ignite?

Ignite is a fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking presentation format that educates and entertains. Ignite talks give you the opportunity to share your fascinations and passions with the NTEN community. But, there’s a catch: you are strictly limited to five minutes, and 20 slides, which advance automatically every 15 seconds. This is not a sales pitch. It’s a passion pitch.

What is the Official NTC Party?

The Official NTC Party is a sponsored gathering which will be held at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry on Thursday, March 14th, from 7 – 10pm. Tickets are available for $25, and each ticket includes one drink ticket and appetizers.


We want everyone to feel comfortable at the 19NTC. We provide all reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities to assist them in attending our conference. Please see a staff member or email if y0u need assistance.

What can I expect at the Oregon Convention Center?

Please refer to the Convention Center’s accessibility guide.

Sign language interpretation or live-captioning

We will have live real-time captioning at all our key note events. If you’d like to request sign language interpretation or CART services for a future event please contact us at

Are service animals welcome?


Will childcare be available?

No. However, there are a number of drop-in childcare centers located in Portland. Children are always welcome at NTC, and we don’t require them to be registered attendees, as long as they don’t interrupt sessions.

I’m trying to maintain my sobriety; how can I find support while at the conference?

We understand how important it is to get extra support when out of your routine or away from home. All official NTC receptions will have plenty of non-alcoholic options and NTEN will provide space for community-run 12-step gatherings each morning at 19NTC. Coffee will be provided.

Find Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Portland.


Code of Conduct

Please read and follow NTEN’s Code of Conduct. We log code of conduct reports directly in-person and online. If you experience or witness any violation of our code of conduct please contact any staff member or use this form, which can be submitted anonymously. We investigate all reports of code of conduct violations. Our highest priority is the safety of 19NTC attendees.