How the Agenda Is Created

How do we bring you incredible educational sessions year after year? The secret is you, our community!

NTC planning is community-driven from the start. Our staff works with volunteer community advisory committees to shape the conference’s educational content, develop community programming, and make everything welcoming and inclusive. Here is the process we’re using for 22NTC.


August 31–October 4: Proposal submission period
October 12–25: Community input
November 19: Session notifications

Session Categories

Sessions are submitted for the following categories:

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Fundraising
  • IT
  • Leadership
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Program

Selection Process

  1. Proposals (August 31–October 4)
    We begin with a public call for session proposals. Anyone from the nonprofit technology community can submit a proposal during the submission period.
  2. Community Input (October 12–25)
    Proposed sessions are reviewed and favorited by the community and the Session Advisory Committee.
  3. Session Selection (October 26–November 18)
    Using the community input as our guideline, NTEN staff draft an agenda that includes various topics across the six category areas. If some sessions are very similar in topic and have high community support, we may pick the most supported one or combine the sessions.
  4. Review (October 26–November 18)
    The Session Advisory Committee provides a final evaluation and identifies critical missing topics. NTEN staff will fill the gaps from session proposals or may reach out to potential speakers.
  5. Session notifications (November 19)
    NTEN notifies session proposers and publishes the final agenda as sessions are confirmed.