Community Meetups

Meetups are an opportunity for NTC attendees to connect virtually or in person, depending on their location. Possible examples include hosting a virtual happy hour or an activity in person in your local community with fellow attendees in your area.

Meetups can be scheduled anytime between March 16 to April 1, 2022. Events submitted outside of that range will not be approved. All times listed are Pacific.

NTEN is not responsible or liable for these unofficial, self-organized events. They will not appear on the conference platform or our website outside this page. While NTEN is not responsible for these events, we strongly encourage participants and organizers to abide by NTEN’s Code of Conduct, Community Guidelines, and the Commitment to Equity and Liberation. We ask organizers to provide spaces that are accessible and inclusive for all participants. 

Please do not use contact information shared here for purposes other than communicating about these events. NTEN will not facilitate any communication between meetup organizers and their potential participants. 

Additionally, please refrain from using this as an opportunity to undercut NTC sponsorships. The NTC is made possible through the support of our sponsors. If you are interested in gaining visibility for your product or service, please consider sponsorship

Reminder: All times are submitted and listed as Pacific Time.

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