Community Conversations

In addition to the keynotes and breakout sessions, each day of the NTC includes community spaces for opportunities to network, meet new folks, and get your questions answered. Community Conversations occur in the morning, midday, and afternoon of each day, so you can join in when it’s best for your schedule.

How do Community Conversations work?

Community Conversations are held in Zoom rooms. You’ll join the main room listing all of the individual breakout rooms during that time slot. In addition, Zoom links to the daily Community Conversations sessions will be available in the NTC Agenda during the conference.

Different topics are available throughout each day. You can join discussion rooms at any time and leave at any time. There are no presentations or formal demonstrations that necessitate joining for the full session time. These conversations are not recorded, however. 

What makes a great Community Conversation topic?

Unlike breakout sessions, these casual group conversations are designed to be flexible so that attendees can share and connect with each other on all kinds of topics. Our community is filled with people with lots of interests, and not all of them are technology-related. Here are examples of the diversity of topics that you might suggest or attend:

  • You’re in communications and want to discuss social media engagement.
  • You want to trade ideas for recruiting virtual volunteers.
  • You’ve read the Dune books and want to discuss the movie’s cliffhanger.
  • You want to meet people from other offices of your national organization.
  • You play the New York Times Spelling Bee each morning and need help finding a few words.
  • You’re rolling out a new program and want to hear how other attendees reached community members without computer access.
  • You want to discuss why BTS is wildly popular but still terribly underrated.

You can submit your topic suggestions starting in February. Please note that submissions suggesting company marketing or self-promotion will not be approved. Topics will be reviewed by NTEN staff and posted below.