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NTC Conversations

Relive the magic of the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference by watching the plenary sessions and chceking out the NTC Conversations, hosted by Tony Martignetti of Nonprofit Radio.

Day one plenary
Day two plenary
Day three plenary

NTC Conversations were hosted by Tony Martignetti, the host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%.



Using Digital Disruption to Elevate Your Cause
Tom Hudson, Tak Fuji, Porsha James, and Trevor Kale

What!? You Mean There’s More To It Than Just Writing Copy For a Fundraising Email?
Tiffany Neill and Ann Crowley

Content Creation and Curation in the Real World: Where Do Those Tweets, GIFs & Blog Posts Come From?
Meghan Murphy and Lacy Baugher

Virtual Organizations: Managing Remote Employees
Heather Martin and Karen Graham

The Little Brand That Could: A Multichannel Approach for the Small Nonprofit
Julia Reich and Stuart Pompel

Here, There, and Everywhere: Distance Volunteer Training
Chad Leaman and Ashleigh Turner

NTEN and the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference
Amy Sample Ward

It Takes More than a Hashtag to Build a Movement: Network Building for Change
Marty Kearns and Jackie Mahendra

7 Habits of Highly Risky Small/Medium Nonprofits: IT Security Pitfalls Leon Wilson and Dan Rivas

Digital Inclusion to Further Your Impact Kami Griffiths, Karen Lincoln, and Alicia Orozco

The Modern Digital Team: How to Build a Digital Program That Works Misty McLaughlin, Alice Hendricks, and Michelle Egan

Sustainers: So Hot Right Now
Chrissy Hyre, Allison Weston, and Sabra Lugthart

How to Boost Revenue With Donor Surveys
Rachel Muir and John Haydon


Super-Boring, Crazy-Important: PCI and Protecting Your Donors’ Data
Tracey Lorts and Joshua Allen

Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout.
Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman

Change Workshop: Managing Change to Ensure a Technology Project’s Success
Smita Vadakekalalam and Sandi Reinhardy

Forget Big, Its All About Small Data
Steph McAllister and Andi Argast

The Future of Email: From 2015 to 2025
Sarah Driscoll

Fantastic Volunteers and Where to Find Them
Liza Dyer, Gina Roberti, and Taryn Kearns

Come Back and See Us: Increasing Your Donor Retention
Rachel Clemens and Sean Doles

Communications MythBusters: Best Practices vs. Bad Advice
Burt Edwards, Melissa Ryan, and Kari Birdseye

Leveraging Expert or Technical Volunteers!
Steve Heye, Erin Dieterich, and Princessa Bourelly

Content Calendars and YOU! Creating Communications Harmony
Laura Norvig, James Porter, and Kivi Leroux Miller

Moving Social Media into the Nonprofit Boardroom
Nancy Rose and Jeanne Allen

The Science and Art of Decision Making
Karin Hedetniemi

Design on a Budget
Oliver Seidman, Leah Kopperman, and Jessica Teal


Donor Onboarding and Stewardship: Using Personalized Video to Create Stronger Constituent Ties and Raise More Money
Michael Hoffman and Jono Smith

How to be a Google AdWords Superhero
Jason Shim and Mark Hallman

The Future of Capacity-Building is Collaborative: Learning Communities, Collaboratives, and Cohorts
Kevin Martone, Debra Askenase, and Rene Swink

Step Right Up! Everyone’s A Winner
Steve Daigneault

Hidden Secrets of Google Analytics
Devon Smith and Julia Robinson

Digital Metrics: What to Measure, How, and Why
Meico Whitlock and Rebecca Reyes