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At the NTC

Community is the heart and soul of the Nonprofit Technology Conference. There’s something for everyone at the NTC.

Bag and Coat Check

Bag and coat check will be available Wednesday through Friday. It’s free for attendees but tips are appreciated. Located near Community Service Project in the exhibit hall.

Birds of a Feather

Gather together based on shared interests or identities and have casual conversations during our annual Birds of a Feather (BOF) lunch. Learn more and suggest a BOF group.

Conference App

Download the conference mobile app to find your way around the conference and exhibit hall, curate your own personal schedule for easy conference attendance, explore what exhibitors are offering, network with other attendees, and more.

  • Download the 19NTC official Event App for iPhone or Android by visiting this website
  • Access the HTML 5 version here
  • After the app is installed, please sign up (using the email address you used for your 19NTC registration) and set up your profile
  • Go the events tab and select Search for an Event
  • Search for and find 19NTC
  • Select Join Now

Career Center

The Career Center will be staffed by professionals from the NTEN community who will offer eight-minute mentoring and professional profile or résumé reviews. It will provide mentees with personalized opportunities to learn how to best position themselves on the job, enhance their career skills, and network with peers. Sign up to meet a mentor, have your resume reviewed or to join us as a mentor!

Charging Station

NTC Charging Station will be located next to registration. Stop by to power up your devices!
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Community Events

RSVP for or self-organize a community event. We know the NTEN community will host a ton of great unofficial gatherings while we’re at the NTC together. Gather with fellow runners for a morning jog through Bridgetown, schedule a game night, plan a coffee or chocolate tasting meet new friends and make the most of your trip! Here are suggested Friday (after conference) Tours/Activities

Demo Stage

Visit the Demo Stage in the Exhibit Hall to learn about new tools and products from your favorite vendors! Demos take place during lunch, afternoon reception, and brunch. Check the agenda to see the schedule and list of presentations.
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Dine Around Portland

Dine Around Portland with new friends! Join fellow attendees for semi self-organized, small gatherings at nearby restaurants. Enjoy conversation in a small group setting, then pay for your own meal when you’re ready to leave. Sign-up sheet now available.

NTC Community Service Projects

Care2 is sponsoring the 19NTC Community Service Projects in the Exhibit Hall. Take a break to learn about local nonprofits and complete a fun volunteer activity. The Community Service Project will be open during exhibit hall hours. Help a person experiencing homelessness, a shelter animal, a family in need, and spend time connecting with fellow attendees over crafty projects.
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NTEN Center

The NTC is just one of NTEN’s many events. Learn about NTEN’s latest year-round programs and resources and chat with staff and longtime community members at the NTEN Center.

Official NTC Party – A Night at the Museum

Join us for a night of frivolity at the Oregon Museum of Science and industry. Music, food, and beverages are just the beginning for this party. The real feature is the museum! Explore their renowned exhibits while enjoying the company of your fellow NTCers. The Official NTC Party is sponsored by

Online Community Forum

Introduce yourself and connect with other attendees in the 19NTC community forum. This is a great place to network, find a roommate or a carpool, share conference and travel tips, and get excited about making your way to Portland!

Photo Booth

Get outdoorsy at the NTC Photo Booth! Try on some Oregon-style props (plaid shirts, anyone?) and get photographed with your new friends, some tall trees, and some friendly NTC characters. The Photo Booth is located in the Exhibit Hall. Generously sponsored by Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions.
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Prayer and Meditation Room

The NTC will feature a prayer and meditation room available to all attendees throughout the conference. We provide prayer rugs, pillows for meditation and soft lighting for quiet reflection.

Professional Photos

Upgrade your profile photo with a photo taken by a professional photographer! Located adjacent to the Career Center in the Exhibit Hall.
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Social Media

The NTEN community loves to tweet, especially before and during the NTC. Follow @NTENorg on Twitter and join the conversation using #19NTC.

Quiet Space

There is a quiet room at the NTC with low lighting, comfy couches, pillows, blankets, and even some giant bean bag chairs. It’s open during all conference hours, and one of our community members will be offering reiki treatments during select hours.

Additionally, at lunch we designate a section of the dining room as a quiet zone for folks to take a break and refuel mind, body and spirit.


Stop by for a free 10-minute reiki treatment, and head to your next session feeling recharged and refreshed! Reiki, a Japanese healing method, is a wonderful resource for reducing stress and promoting healing. You’ll sit comfortably while the practitioner places her hands lightly on or near you, moving them through a series of placements from head to toe. You won’t need to concentrate or do anything in particular. Just relax, allow yourself to start feeling better, and reiki does the rest! Stop by between 10am and 4pm, or reach Christine Egger at 248 787-4917 or to schedule an appointment outside those hours.