Things To Know At 21NTC

Community is the heart and soul of the Nonprofit Technology Conference, so you’re bound to find something to do when you’re in between sessions. Below you’ll find information about our community events and the plans we’ve put in place to make 21NTC welcoming and accessible to all.

Community Conversations

Gather together based on shared interests or identities and have casual conversations during our Community Conversation time slots. Join a room or learn how you can suggest one! And download the official 21NTC Zoom backgrounds from Dropbox to add a bit of conference flair to your conversations.

NTEN Exchange

Join the NTC Kickoff on Tuesday to learn more about an exciting addition to NTEN and how it will help members connect with other members in meaningful ways!

NTC Music

You’ve been spending your day watching sessions and having conversations. It’s time to kick back and unwind with music from 2–2:30 PM Pacific on Tuesday and Wednesday. Learn more about our artists. Unplug your headphones and invite any people around you to join in!

NTC Art Exhibit

Experience the diverse group of artists from around the US that NTEN features in its first virtual art exhibit at 21NTC. All artists’ contact information and social media handles are included with the exhibition pieces.

NTEN Marketplace

Visit the 21NTC Marketplace to learn about new tools and products from your favorite vendors! View demos of products, check out services and resources, or even drop into a live meeting to chat with sponsors and get your questions answered in real-time.

Daily Coffee Chat

Warm-up for a day of sessions and connections by enjoying your coffee or a snack as a community. No slides, no presentation, nothing formal. This daily session will include community members sharing their excitement for 21NTC, talking about tips and ideas they picked up in breakout sessions, and more. Just as you may have listened to conversations between tablemates in-person, this is an opportunity to hear what others are thinking about and learning at the conference. There is no expectation that you turn on your camera. NTEN board chair Bridget Jackson and former board chair Farra Trompeter host each day with a rotating lineup of community member guests.

Racial Affinity

Building off the Racial Affinity Space’s success at 19NTC, 21NTC includes three racial affinity sessions. The intention of these spaces is for all attendees of color (including speakers and sponsors) at 21NTC to have places to gather and connect that do not include white attendees. These racial affinity spaces allow attendees of color to center and prioritize their specific needs, voices, and experiences in a virtual setting without introducing the potential of harm or trauma from well-intentioned white allies. These sessions will be a zoom link provided in the agenda with an access passcode posted in the Private BIPOC Nonprofit Professionals . If you’d like the access code to the Racial Affinity Space, please request to join the online group. Once admitted, the passcode will be posted as a pinned announcement.

Native Land & Community Awareness

With NTC everywhere this year, we encourage all attendees to learn about the unceded land where you live and work and the Indigenous communities that also live and work there. You can use the Native Land Digital app to learn more about and connect to Indigenous groups in your area. We encourage all attendees to add the native lands where you live or work to your 21NTC profile.


There are no badges with pronoun ribbons this year as we are convening virtually. Instead of a physical badge, please add your pronouns to your 21NTC profile if you are comfortable doing so. Including pronouns in your profile name enables everyone to communicate with each other using correct pronouns. If you see folks who do not have pronouns listed, please do not assume what the pronouns are! You can always ask someone what pronouns they use and only use their name until pronouns are provided.

Daily Warm-up Activities

We know that video and screen fatigue is real! We want to ensure that all attendees have the opportunity to attend a yoga session, a meditation session, or a light session that encourages movement!  There is no reason we can’t add self-care to our 21NTC experience! Join each morning from 8:00 to 8:30 AM Pacific time.

Sober NTC

There is a community 12-step meeting each morning at 8:00 AM Pacific.

Social Media

The NTEN community loves to tweet, especially before and during the NTC. Follow @NTENorg on Twitter and join the conversation using #21NTC.

Advisory Committees

21NTC is made possible because of the incredible guidance, feedback, ideas, and contributions of many community members. There are three Advisory Committees that work with NTEN in diverse ways to help design a conference that includes great sessions, along with opportunities to reflect and connect, and is accessible and inclusive to folks across the community. We are so grateful for everyone who has put time and energy into making 21NTC unforgettable and hope you’ll join us in recognizing and thanking our Advisory Committees!