Immerse yourself in a virtual art exhibit by a talented group of artists from around the country. Join us on Wednesday and Thursday as we delve into the work of these talented creators.


Brianna Harlan

Brianna Harlan looks at the camera while wearing a white tank top and a large acorn necklace.

Brianna Harlan opened her solo exhibition “Glass House” at Oklahoma State University in January 2022 and has been the artist in residence or fellowship at The Laundromat Project, SECAC, Oxbow, Materia Abierta, and the DreamYard Project. In 2020 she collaborated with 4th Wall, 21c Museum + Hotels, and Breonna Taylor’s family to create an augmented reality memorial monument. She has been published in several forms as a voice in cultural activism nationally and internationally, including in ArtNews for her equity in art report. Brianna completed her MFA in Art and Social Action at Queens College and was named a Young Distinguished Alumni by her alma mater, Hanover College. Brianna also works as a creative, community organizer and strategist for several community initiatives around the country including City University of New York’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Incubator.

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Richard Badger looks to the side while wearing rust overalls.

Richard Badger

Milwaukee, WI based artist, Richard Badger, has been painting since 2015. Along with painting, Richard is a multi-talented artist that works with other modes of expression. Photography, Graphic design, poetry and dance are among the many creative practices. They seek to continue make art that is centered in Blackness and queerness.

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Shakiyla Jamison

Shakiyla Jamison stands in front of a blurred cityscape while looking over a shoulder towards the camera.

Shakiyla Jamison is a fine art painter from Upstate New York who recently relocated to Philadelphia. She always wanted two things, to paint and to be a librarian. In 2013 she received her BFA from RIT and then went on to work at a bookstore. As a child she watched her grandmother make porcelain dolls while her parents used their creative talents in everyday life. As a result, she developed a unique painting style that is decorative, photographic in color, and composition.

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Uma Leoni

Uma Leoni wears a crochet top and matching sweater.

Uma Leoni is a self-taught artist currently residing in Southern California. For the past year, she has explored and practiced the art of acrylic painting. Without a formal background in art, her pieces tend to be the outcome of play and experimentation.

Through the creation of abstract faces, her work allows her to explore new mediums and styles and often consists of bold linework and geometric elements. Leoni’s work invites the viewer to discover a sense of familiarity. Painting is her way of communicating with the world in hopes that her work can inspire any and all who come across it to live as their most authentic selves.

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