Advisory Committees

21NTC is made possible because of the incredible guidance, feedback, ideas, and contributions of many community members. Three Advisory Committees work with NTEN in diverse ways to help design a conference that includes great sessions, along with opportunities to reflect and connect, and is accessible and inclusive to folks across the community. We are grateful to everyone who has put time and energy into making 21NTC unforgettable. Please join us in recognizing and thanking everyone here.

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee supports our efforts to make the NTC as inclusive and accessible as possible, as an extension of our commitment to equity, our values, and our mission. Members of the committee have both professional and lived experiences with a diversity of disabilities. We know that there is always more that we can do, and we are thankful for the committee members’ partnership in pushing forward our work every year.

  • Danielle Kempe
  • Dar Veverka
  • Dave Tinker
  • Stacy Clinton
  • Jonea Agwa
  • Laura Patch
  • Leah Roderman
  • Melissa Helquist
  • Krin Collins
  • Sarah Barker

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee includes folks who’ve attended NTC for many years and those new to the conference and even new to NTEN. This group of community members helps guide planning for the conference elements that happen outside of educational sessions, including ways to create connections, practice mindfulness, and have fun.

  • Aparna Kothary
  • Brian Rodriguez
  • Caroline Sanchez Avakian
  • Jaclyn Lee
  • Janice Chan
  • Leslie Gehring
  • Margo Dayal
  • Melissa Eggleston
  • Patrice Brown
  • Prateek Narang
  • Richard Young
  • Tara Collins

Session Advisory Committee

The Session Advisory Committee is a group of experts, practitioners, and champions in nonprofit technology. They provided input as part of our community-centered process to develop the virtual Nonprofit Technology Conference’s high-quality educational agenda. They helped review nearly 600 sessions submitted this year and supported the development of the final agenda, including nearly 150 sessions.

  • Aaron Tebrinke
  • Aki Shibuya
  • Alison Hinchman
  • Alli Stephens
  • Aneta Lee
  • Beth Brodovsky
  • Carmen Scheidel
  • Christina Crawley
  • De’Andre Pickett
  • Emilio Arocho
  • Joshua Peskay
  • Julia Toepfer
  • Julie Sint
  • Kai Williams
  • Kariesha Martinez
  • Kristen Avery
  • Leah Bernthal
  • Medha Nanal
  • Michelle Shefter
  • Natania LeClerc
  • Nate Payne
  • Nejeed Kassam
  • Robert Connelly
  • Rosa Del Angel
  • Samantha Akwei
  • Sandee Jackson
  • Sarah Hughes