Advisory Committees

Three committees work with NTEN to create a conference that includes educational sessions and opportunities to reflect and connect. In addition, the committees help ensure that 22NTC is accessible and inclusive to folks across the community. We’re grateful to everyone who has put time and energy into making 22NTC unforgettable. Please join us in recognizing and thanking our committee members.

Accessibility Committee

Members support efforts to make the NTC as inclusive and accessible as possible, as an extension of our commitment to equity, our values, and our mission. Members of the committee have both professional and lived experiences with a diversity of disabilities.

  • Brian Cavanaugh
  • Dar Veverka
  • Dave Tinker
  • Hassan del Campo
  • Jen Bokoff
  • Laura Patch
  • Maggie McGary
  • Rachel Kribbs
  • Richelle Pittella
  • Sheryl Talbert
  • Sonja Palmer
  • Susan Cornforth
  • Tricia Maddrey Baker

Community Equity Committee

Members review and support the evaluation of NTEN’s equity practices and identify ideas and opportunities for NTEN to more fully live its values and build necessary programs and resources for the NTC.

  • Aki Shibuya
  • Dara Gray
  • DeAndre Pickett
  • Katrina Naeve
  • LaCheka Phillips
  • Lanette Rivera
  • Lucy Middleton
  • Mari Eva Mendes
  • Nicole Chase
  • Ola Adegboyega
  • Rachel Kribbs
  • Rosa Menjivar Beltran
  • Sam Chenkin
  • Smita Vadakekalam

Session Advisory Committee

Members are experts, practitioners, and champions in nonprofit technology. They provide input as part of our community-centered process, reviewing all the session proposals and helping develop the NTC’s high-quality educational agenda of 150 sessions.

  • Aaron Tebrinke
  • Alice Hendricks
  • Ann Blanchard
  • Ben Kirshner
  • Chelsea McCants
  • Cindy Leonard
  • Craig Grella
  • Crystal Mahon
  • DeAndre Pickett
  • Emily Weinberg
  • Fadi AlQassar
  • Hillary Esquina
  • Jack Valor
  • Julie Ziff Sint
  • Karolle Rabarison
  • Katelyn Gerber
  • Kimberly Swartz
  • Kurt Voelker
  • Laura Patch
  • Leah Bernthal
  • Lindsey Twombly
  • Mari Eva Mendes
  • Medha Nanal
  • Nandini Narula
  • Sally Weldon
  • Sam Chenkin
  • Yvette Scorse