About the Conference

21NTC was the first time NTEN hosted a virtual conference, and it was a big success if you’ll forgive us for tooting our own horn (toot-toot!)

Like you, we hoped to be together in person again in 2022. But aside from the ongoing pandemic considerations, our planned Denver venue will be undergoing construction, significantly reducing the available space. So after multiple meetings, calls, and then more calls, we’ve managed to shift things around. Denver will now host 23NTC, which means we get to excitedly host our second virtual conference in 2022!

Once again, it will feature over 180 live, interactive, and thought-provoking sessions, inspiring keynote speakers, and ways to connect with each other. Building upon last year’s success, we’re adding more opportunities for one-on-one connections, small group meetings, and sponsor conversations. And we’re increasing the live community events for lots of music and art fun.

Attending 22NTC means connecting with your peers to exchange knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s a relaxed and enjoyable way to build your expertise to further both your organization’s mission and your career.

And the learning won’t end just because the conference will. With so many sessions to choose from, there’s no way you can attend them all over three days. But you don’t have to! Every educational session will be recorded and available to watch at your leisure for three months after the conference ends.

The NTC is a joyful learning experience like no other. Your community can’t wait to be with you.