Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your FAQs about the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

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Can I register for the NTC?

Unfortunately, the 17NTC is sold out. However, you can still join us by registering to attend the Exhibit Hall Public Hours on Friday, March 24th from 3:00PM – 5:00PM. Exhibit Hall registration is just $25 and you can register here in advance or onsite at NTC Registration.

How can I cancel my registration?
For cancellations received prior to 11:59pm PT on March 7, 2017, a $50 handling/processing fee will be assessed, and the balance of your registration fee will be refunded. If you do not cancel by March 7, 2017, or if you fail to show up for the event, there will be no refunds. All cancellations must be in writing and should be emailed to Please call 503-272-8800 to arrange a substitution.

How can I transfer my registration to another person?
Substitutions can be made at any time up to the start of the conference. Please call 503-272-8800 to arrange a substitution.

Can I walk in and sign up for the conference?
Walk-ins are not accepted as long as the conference is sold out.

Where do I pick up my badge?
You can pick up your badge at the Registration Desk during Registration hours.

Do I have to sign up for the sessions?
Registered participants can attend any session listed in the conference schedule. We do not require nor allow signing up for any particular session. Seating is first-come, first-serve for all sessions. If a session becomes full, we will have staff on-hand to help you select a different session.

Scholarships & Discounts

How can I apply for a scholarship?
Scholarship Applications are now closed.

What discounts are available?
A $300 discount on conference registration fees is a benefit of NTEN Membership. Become a Member today. See the Registration Information to view the Early Bird and Regular discounts. Registration rates are the same for both nonprofits and for-profits. There are no student discounts.

Participants may volunteer to help NTEN staff with 8 hours of on-site tasks to receive a discounted registration rate. Check out the volunteer page for more information and applications.

Location & Meals

Where will the event be held?
The 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference will be held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park, located at 2660 Woodley NW, Washington, DC, 20008. Start planning your trip to the District of Columbia today!

Where can I stay?
The conference has negotiated a special group discount of $239/night at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park for those booking before February 28th. Check our travel page for more information.

Are meals included?
Lunch and light appetizers during receptions are included with your registration. Please see the schedule for more information. There are a number of dining options close to the hotel in Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan to satisfy any post-reception dinner cravings. Check the 17NTC Community Forum for other suggestions from your peers!

We plan to accommodate special dietary needs (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, halal) to the extent we are able. Please indicate your needs during the registration process. We’ll contact individuals selecting those options prior to NTC to let you know what accommodations have been made for you.


How can I present a session?
One unique aspect of the NTC is that all our breakout sessions are proposed, selected, and presented by our community. We begin the process in late spring, with community voting taking place in the summer, and program selections announced in the fall. The session proposal deadline has passed.

What is an Ignite?
Ignite is a fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking presentation format that educates and entertains. Ignite talks give you the opportunity to share your fascinations and passions with the NTEN Community. But, there’s a catch: you are strictly limited to five minutes, and 20 slides, which advance automatically every 15 seconds. This is not a sales pitch. It’s a passion pitch.

What are the Night on the Town Parties?
Night on the Town Parties are sponsored gatherings which take place simultaneously at multiple locations around the town. Drinks and snacks are typically provided by the sponsor of each party. The Night on the Town Parties schedule will be announced in March.


Can I request sign language interpretation or live-captioning?
We are pleased to provide interpretation or captioning services. Please contact us at as early as possible to arrange for those services.

Will childcare be available?
No. However, there are a number of drop-in childcare centers located throughout the DC area. Children are always welcome at NTC, and we don’t require them to be registered attendees, as long as they don’t interrupt sessions. We will have a small play area for infants at the closing reception.

How can I take care of my needs as a nursing mother?
Park Tower Room 8216 and 8218 will be available for nursing mothers to express breast milk. Wifi, a small fridge, and other comforts will be provided. Pick up a key at the NTC Registration desk.

Will gender-neutral restrooms be available at the conference venue?
Gender-neutral restrooms will be identified on the map in your program guide.

How can I easily share my gender pronouns?
NTEN is committed to celebrating and honoring the diversity of our community. Pick up a pronoun ribbon after you pick up your 17NTC badge. We’ll provide ribbons to convey she/her, he/him, they/them, as well as customizable blank ribbons.

Use of these ribbons is optional; however we strongly encourage all attendees to participate. The more attendees who participate, the less likely someone will stand out for noting their pronouns.

Are service animals welcome?

Can I rent a mobility device?
Yes. Please email by March 1, 2017 to arrange for these services.

I’m trying to maintain my sobriety, how can I find support while at the conference?
We understand how important it is to get extra support when out of your routine or away from home. Know that all official NTC receptions will have plenty of non-alcoholic options and NTEN will provide space for community-run twelve-step gatherings Thursday-Saturday from 7am-8am in Park Tower Room 8212. Coffee will be provided.

The community has self-organized an email address to support each other while on-site at the conference, as well as to help make supportive connections throughout the year. Contact to get connected to other NTEN community members and 17NTC attendees in recovery. Note: If you are in crisis, please dial 911 or other professional.

Find a Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting near the conference venue.

In addition to a community-organized group outing to a local AA meeting, there are also several community events where alcohol is not the main focus of the gathering (ex. outdoor adventures, knitting, and board games). Check the self-organized events doc to see what’s already there and add your own.

Contact to get connected to your peers in recovery. Contact about everything else.


What is the conference Code of Conduct policy?
Please read and follow NTEN’s Code of Conduct.

How can I find my people?
Gather together based on shared interests or identities and have casual conversations during our annual Birds of a Feather (BOF) lunch. Librarians, Drupalists, YNPNers, conservationists, and loads more are already set to meet! See the current schedule of proposed BOF groups or suggest your own.

Where can I find the list of attendees?
Once you are registered, you can access the list of your fellow attendees in the 17NTC Community Forum. Start making connections before you get to DC!

Mobile App

Where can I find the app?
You can find the iOS or Android app or access the HTML5 version here. Or, you can search for “17NTC” in the App Store or Google Play.

I have an older smartphone or don’t want to download the iOS or Android app. How can I participate?
Access the app content through your web browser via the HTML5 version. Note: When you get to the sign-in page for the first time, click the link to sign up instead. Create an account and then go to town!

What email and password do I use to log into the app?
You will create a brand new account to access the 17NTC app. It’s not connected to the 16NTC app or your NTEN account. Use whatever email address and password you wish.

How do I create my personalized agenda?

  • From the sidebar menu click Agenda.
  • Scroll through the list then click the calendar plus sign icon next to the sessions you want to remember.
  • View your agenda by clicking the My Agenda tab at the top of the Agenda screen.

Reminder: Adding a session to your agenda does not reserve your spot. NTC sessions do not take reservations. Arrive at the session rooms early to ensure a seat. Additionally, we recommend selecting a second or third session as a backup plan.

Pro Tip:

  • You can save your personal agenda to your phone calendar by going to My Agenda and clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, but only do this one time and after your agenda is finalized to avoid creating duplicates on your calendar.

How do I share posts I make to the Activity Feed to my social media accounts as well?
You can simultaneously post to both the app’s Activity Feed and to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

  • To share an update in both the app and in your social media accounts, first go to your profile and give the app permission to access these accounts.
  • Go to the Activity Feed, then click the pen-and-paper icon in the top right corner.
  • Choose a social network by toggling the Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icon in the lower right corner.

Pro Tips:

  • Be sure to include the conference hashtag (#17NTC) on your posts if you want to share them via social media. The app does not do this automatically.
  • If you share a photo, it will display as a photo in the app but as a link in your social media posts.

There’s the conference app, the online conference forum, and social media. Which platform should I use during the conference?
Once we get on-site, we encourage attendees to use the app’s Activity Feed and the #17NTC Twitter hashtag for real-time conversations. The online forum tends to be the most active before and after the conference.

As always, please direct any customer service-related questions to or find an NTEN staff member (distinguishable by a staff lanyard). Our response team is 💯  but we don’t want to risk your question getting lost in the forum or app discussion feed.

How do I make sure my app is up to date with the latest details?
Click Switch Event / Logout in menu, and then click back into the event (you don’t need to fully logout). This will prompt a refresh of the app data.

How do I prevent other attendees from messaging me through the app?
From your profile, click the gear icon and turn off the “Allow Private Messaging” option. You can further anonymize your profile by using initials or a pseudonym in place of your real name if you require additional privacy.

I’m having trouble with the app. Where should I go for help?
For questions on how to use the app, we recommend the app’s attendee support center. If you need additional help, please contact us via or come to the NTC tech help desk (open during registration hours) when you’re on-site.


What is the dress code?
Most NTC participants wear comfortable, business-casual attire. Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended, and nerdy t-shirts are always welcome. We aim to keep the temperature at a comfortable 72 degrees inside the hotel, but if you are prone to chills, please bring a sweater or a light jacket.