Join the 21NTC Session Advisory Committee

The NTC Session Advisory Committee is a group of experts, thought leaders, and champions of nonprofit technology. They provide input as part of our community-driven process to develop the high-quality educational agenda for our new, virtual Nonprofit Technology Conference in the spring.

Committee members are chosen based on demonstrated expertise in related content areas, thought leadership related to nonprofit technology, and a commitment to creating a high-quality, inclusive agenda for the conference.  Three to five committee members are selected to represent each of the content categories for educational sessions.


Committee members are expected to participate from September through December  2020 in the following ways:

  • Participate in three committee calls, no more than 1 hour per call
  • Provide input on virtual session formats
  • Collaborate to create a list of suggested topics and sessions tags
  • Assist with outreach during the public proposal stage of the process
  • Vote on proposals within a particular area of expertise (time-sensitive: November 23 – December 4)
  • Support NTEN’s commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion during all stages of developing the educational agenda for the conference

The total time commitment will be approximately 8–10 hours. The bulk of the time required will be in the voting period.

Please note that participation on the Session Advisory Committee does not exclude individuals or their associated organizations from participating in the community-driven proposal process as well.

If this opportunity sounds like a good fit for your skills and interest area, please complete the form below. The deadline to apply is September 6. 

Do you have additional questions? Feel free to email Drew Pizzolato, NTEN’s Senior Education Manager.