NTA Faculty Member

Marcy Rye

Owner at Wire Media
Los Angeles, California

Topic: Intro to Content Strategy

Marcy Rye

Marcy is a marketing communications expert with award-winning success in creating direct mail and online ad campaigns, strategic website design and development, and brand identities. She started WireMedia in 2002 to use her powers for good, helping organizations that improve lives and communities to grow their membership, reach financial goals, and expand their reach. Ms. Rye crafts cross media strategies that integrate online and print marketing for a unified approach.

Under her creative and technical direction, WireMedia won the Communication Arts magazine’s 2011 Award of Excellence for a logo design for Nostrand Park, and received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Interactive Media Awards for a website design for the Open Government Partnership. And, campaign direct mail and websites under her direction have consistently won Pollie Awards almost every year for over ten years.

A graduate of Parsons School of design, she holds a Master of Fine Arts in design and technology and taught hand-coded website design there for seven years.