Bridget Jackson

“The networking relationships I’ve developed during my years as an NTEN member are second to none. It’s great to share knowledge and resources with people in my line of work who genuinely “get it.” In the past, I’ve spent time as a member of corporate-serving professional organizations, and I felt rather invisible. At NTEN, the people I’ve met are genuinely interested in educating each other about what our various organizations do for the greater good, and how their own best practices might help other members succeed in their respective fields of expertise.”

Bridget Jackson, Anaheim, CA
NeighborWorks America, Sr. Public Affairs and Communications Advisor
NTEN board member

NTEN helps you do your job better, so you can make the world a better place. NTEN members drive social change by putting technology to use for their causes. They share technology solutions across the sector and support each other’s work. With an NTEN membership, you can advance your knowledge, share your wisdom and advance the technology capacity of the sector.

Individual membership rate: $99

The annual membership fee is on a sliding scale. The membership fee is set at $99, which most people choose to pay. However, you can adjust your membership fee based on your own financial privilege to as high as you’d like to go or as low as $25. 

Our sliding scale is acknowledges that people working for grassroots organizations, new organizations under fiscal sponsorship, or individuals without access to an organizational budget, may not have the resources that people working in larger and more established organizations do. We are proud that many members pay more than $99 (even two or three times higher) when they can. Their contribution to the community supports NTEN’s ability to offer a scale that slides below $99 for others.  

Our membership model is rooted in NTEN’s Commitment to Equity and Liberation. Our team ensures that the member experience is inclusive, collaborative, and equitable. If the $25 minimum rate is still a burden, please connect with us to request membership access.


In addition to freebies and discounts, members invest in and sustain NTEN programming and community.

Gift memberships

Help a friend or your favorite organization put technology to use for their cause. Give NTEN membership as a gift.