Fellowship FAQs

Who can apply to be a Fellow?

All employees of nonprofits located in the areas listed below are invited to apply. Successful Fellows will have a background in community work and program management, including experience providing regular reporting to outside funders.

We seek Fellows who are engaged with and members of the communities they wish to serve. Familiarity with digital inclusion, digital literacy, and adult education is preferred but not necessary. Applicants must have the full support of their supervisor to commit a significant amount of time to this year-long, project-based fellowship. Fellows should be situated in a leadership role that empowers them to manage the program and relevant partnerships.  To learn more about how to apply, please go to the application page.

How and when are Fellows selected?

Fellows will be selected based on their application materials, their ability to commit to the requirements of the program, and their supervisor’s/employer’s support.  In addition to a written application, Fellows may be asked to participate in phone interviews.  The timeline for the selection process is the following:

October 30: Applications open
November 7, 11:00am Pacific Time: Info session and Q&A for potential applicants. You must register in advance.
November 17: Applications close
December 18: Fellows notified
January 8: Public Fellow announcement
January 29 – February 1: Orientation in Portland, Oregon

What will the Fellows do during their Fellowship year?

Fellows will work with their organizations to build or expand digital inclusion programs that are responsive to the specific needs of their communities. All Fellows will be focused on adult digital literacy. They will also participate in training opportunities, share experiences with their cohort, lead on digital inclusion issues in their communities, present on their work in national forums, and work with partners to provide programming.

Will Fellows receive a stipend?

No. All Fellows who participate in this program will already be employed by local organizations. They will receive their regular salaries throughout the year from their employer, but will not receive additional compensation. Travel costs for orientation, as well as meals and lodging will be covered by NTEN.

How does this cohort differ from previous cohorts?

In previous cohorts, Fellows joined their City Host organizations as a new hire for one year, paid for by NTEN. The fourth cohort of the Fellowship will recruit existing staff of nonprofits or public organizations to participate in the yearlong professional development program in order to build their organization’s digital inclusion programming. While organizations can no longer apply to become Hosts, organizations are encouraged to invite their staff to apply to become Fellows.

Who are the program funders?

We are fortunate to have the support of multiple funders who are sponsoring Digital Inclusion Fellow positions in cities around the country. Google Fiber is sponsoring Fellows in Atlanta, Huntsville, Salt Lake City, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Austin, and Nashville.  The Cleveland Foundation is sponsoring Fellows in Cleveland, OH, and Capital One is sponsoring Fellows in Boston, Chicago, and Long Island. Additionally, organizations may sponsor their own staff to participate as Fellows. If you are interested in becoming a program sponsor, please reach out to dif@nten.org.

When does the program begin? How long will it run?

Fellows will begin their work in January of 2018, with an orientation in Portland, Oregon.  The Fellowship runs January 2018 to January 2019.

Which cities will have Fellows?

Sponsored Fellowship positions are available in the following cities. The sponsorship covers all costs associated with the Fellowship.

  • Atlanta, GA (Sponsored by Google Fiber): 2 positions
  • Austin, TX (Sponsored by Google Fiber): 1 position
  • Boston, MA (Sponsored by Capital One): 2 positions
  • Charlotte, NC (Sponsored by Google Fiber): 1 position
  • Cleveland, OH (Sponsored by Cleveland Foundation): 2 positions
  • Chicago, IL (Sponsored by Capital One): 2 positions
  • Huntsville, AL (Sponsored by Google Fiber): 1 position
  • Nassau County, NY (Sponsored by Capital One): 1 position
  • Raleigh-Durham (Sponsored by Google Fiber): 2 positions
  • Salt Lake City, UT (Sponsored by Google Fiber): 1 position

If you are interested in sponsoring a Fellow in a different city, please email dif@nten.org. An organization may sponsor one of their own employees or an employee of a partner organization to be a Fellow.

How can I become a partner?

You can become a partner by sponsoring a Fellow, providing topic expertise to the program, or working with Fellows in your community. Reach out to dif@nten.org with your ideas, and we’ll get back to you.