Senior Support Analyst


Dimagi is seeking a Cambridge-based Senior Support Analyst to support our growing user base with their superior customer service and problem-solving skills.

Job Description

After the past few years of exponential growth, we now have thousands of users counting on our software. Our users include health supervisors in India that are tracking at-risk pregnancies in rural villages, farmers in Senegal who are running their own agricultural cooperatives, and pharmacists that are monitoring medication stock levels in Tanzania. To keep up with this growing demand, we are looking for a Senior Support Analyst who will work directly with our users to troubleshoot issues and provide support.

As Senior Support Analyst, you will be the primary interface between Dimagi and our users. Your job will be comprised of three primary roles:

  • You will be the first line of support to our users. In this role, you will help users troubleshoot issues with our software, flag critical software errors, and identify next steps to solve them, all while being available and communicative with users throughout the process. You will work with our users to accurately document issues and resolutions, and collaborate with our developers to solve complex technical problems.
  • You will be responsible for setting up and monitoring our general customer support channels and experience. This includes evolving the support team as we grow and enforcing customer service best practices. You must have excellent communication skills, be incredibly detail-oriented, and be able to work with users from different cultural backgrounds.
  • You will be in charge of coordinating members of the team and working to improve our Support processes. You will work with the members of the Support and tech team to establish coverage across projects, ensure the workflow runs smoothly and that metrics are being met. You’ll also be actively researching new and innovative ways to improve our processes and provide the best possible Support to our users.

Skills & Requirements

  • At least 2-3 year of experience providing software customer service or technical support
  • 1-2 year coordinating team responsibilities and roles in support
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent relationship-building skills and demonstrated patience in working with users
  • Strong ability to pick up new technologies
  • Great attention to detail and problem solving skills


  • Technical Degree – B.Tech/B.E. – any specialization, BCA, B.Sc – Comp.Science/IT or an equivalent degree
  • Experience managing or mentoring team members
  • Fluency in other languages (preferably French, Spanish, or any Indian languages)
  • Experience working with a global customer base
  • Desire to make a social impact

Is this the right position for me?

We look for people who are interested in understanding what makes technology work in practice in low-resource settings. You’re able to self-organize and self-manage, and you love helping people solve difficult problems. You prefer small organizations to large ones, multi-tasking to single-project assignments, and a social atmosphere. You are detail oriented and comfortable with diving into the nitty gritty of technology.

As a mission driven social enterprise, the position comes with a starting salary that is probably below what you could get working at a larger corporation. If income is the primary goal for you, Dimagi may not be a good fit. However, we do aim to offer the best benefits possible including 100% employer sponsored medical insurance that’s paired with a generous HRA fund contribution, 100% employer sponsored Long-term & Short-term Disability, a 401k plan with up to a 4% employer match, a stock option plan, access to a flex time policy that allows for employees to work based on a flexible work schedule, 30 days paid time off/holiday, 10 personal initiative days and opportunities to travel internationally to name a few.


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Posted on:
April 13, 2017

How to Apply

Please apply via our online application: