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RFP – Systems Assessment

Nonprofit Finance Fund


Organizational Overview

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is a nonprofit lender, consultant, and advocate committed to reforming the nonprofit funding system. With 40 years of experience working with nonprofit businesses across sectors and across the country, we aim to help fix the systemic racism that prevents equitable access to capital in communities of color. Our mission is to support community-centered organizations led by and serving people of color (POC) to gain control of the financial resources and knowledge they need to realize their communities’ aspirations.

Our goal over the next five years is to shift funding and financing practices so more money flows with less restriction to these organizations and leaders. With funding practices upended by COVID-19 and many nonprofits acting heroically but struggling financially, we believe this moment is an opportunity to make the social sector more equitable, vibrant, and resilient to future crises.

Context and Statement of Need

Over the last eight years, Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) experienced a technological evolution.  We transitioned from an organization fragmented by geography, inconsistent in our operations and remedial in our systems, to one largely centered around the core of Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.  While we have moved from individual documents and spreadsheets to systems and numerous supplemental applications, we still have not reached our aspirations of an integrated systems universe where data can be input and extracted with ease.

Goals and Aspirations:  We aspire to have systems that are integrated and interconnected, are used by all business units, and eliminate data siloes and data duplication so that we will be able to:

  • Make use of all the full range of data we collect​
  • See our data in real-time​
  • See all our data in one place ​
  • Define data points [acknowledge interconnected and interdependent nature of it]​
  • Track our progress towards strategic goals
  • Set clear learning objectives for the organization

In preparing to meet this ambitious goal, we are looking to hire a consultant (or team of consultants) to assess our current systems state and work with the Operations Team and other key NFF staff to build a roadmap that allows us to meet our aspirations.  Activities that we expect to engage this consultant to lead include the following (which can happen in a set of phases):

1. Assessment of NFF’s current systems and technology state – this should include:

    • interviews with a selection of key stakeholders and business unit representatives
    • a review of our systems and applications and their particular uses (NFF will provide a complete list of systems, applications, and use definitions to the selected consultant)

2. Development of an easy-to-follow roadmap for a future systems state that allows NFF to meet its aspirations and goals as noted above

3. Action plan that allows NFF to pursue key next steps that support systems integration and evolution

4. Additional support for new systems/software selection that allows NFF to operate in a more integrated and interdependent platform.

Questions Regarding RFP and Intent to Respond

Inquiries concerning this RFP should be submitted to eguthman@nff.org using the subject line: “Systems Assessment and Technology Selection RFP Inquiry”. Responses to inquiries will be made within 48 hours.  Notification of your intent to respond to this RFP is also encouraged, though not required, and can be confirmed by email to eguthman@nff.org by 5:00 pm eastern time on May 4, 2021.

Submission and Selection

Documents must be submitted in electronic format only via e-mail to eguthman@nff.org by 5:00 pm on May 7, 2021. Hard copy proposals will not be accepted.  It is the responsibility of the respondent to ensure that proposals are received by the above deadline. Late proposals will not be considered. NFF intends to make a selection no later than late May, with the goal of work commencing as soon as possible. All candidates will be informed of a decision by end of May.

Qualifications and Information Requests

Please provide information about the team you will assign to this work, the estimated timeline to carry out the work, corresponding hourly rates , and the overall fee for the Systems and Technology Assessment.

  • General Information
  • Name of firm
  • Contact person and title, phone, email, address, website
  • Relevant Experience
  • Descriptions/examples of previous experience that may be relevant to conducting a systems assessment and recommending technology solutions
  • Provide details about prior work with nonprofit organizations or social enterprises
  • Services and fees
  • Describe the services available and corresponding fees to offer a solution to the needs described above
  • Corporate Social Responsibility; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Describe the ways in which your firm is committed to social responsibility.
  • Describe the ways in which your firm is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and in client relationships.
  • Efforts will be made to utilize businesses that are owned by a woman, a person of color, a member of the LGBT community, a disabled individual, a veteran, a member of an Alaska Native/Indian Tribe, or a member of a socially and economically disadvantaged group, or is located in a HUBZone or is a historically black college or university.  If applicable, provide publicly certified documentation or a self-certification statement that is subject to examination. If not applicable, please so state.


- Virtual
New York
$1 to $9,999,999
Posted on:
April 30, 2021

How to Apply

Please read the attached RFP and forward any questions and your response to eguthman@nff.org.