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Project Manager, On Ownership Track

Tamarack Media Cooperative


What You Will Do
Your average day could include:

  • One to five phone/video calls with clients to plan website architectures, discuss revisions on a document design, or think through a campaign.
  • Independent work on a client project that matches your skill set.
  • Collaboration with one to three members of our team through chat, video, or Google Docs to relay feedback, prioritize tasks, solve problems together, and keep projects moving.
  • Administrative tasks such as writing proposals, updating timesheets, creating invoices, and responding to client requests.
  • Learning new skills or volunteering for a project you want to help.

Most of your projects will be website related, with budgets between 20-400 hours. You will be in charge of managing time and priorities within the project team and maintaining a strong relationship with the client.

Who You Are
We are looking for applicants who already have this experience and interest:

  • You expand our team’s skill base, and our values resonate with you.
  • You are excited to join a team that is building capacity for anti-oppression work.
  • You are passionate about your craft. You take time to develop your skills, and you love sharing them with someone eager to learn.
  • You thrive in small teams, thinking creatively about the immediate needs, while holding a long-term vision. You’re both game to lend a hand and to ask for support.
  • You’re good at maintaining a work/life balance that is healthy for you. And if an urgent client need comes up and you have the capacity, you’re game to keep working on it after hours until you have a reasonable resolution.
  • You communicate clearly with clients over the phone and in email.
  • You are kind and have a fire for justice.

Applicants should also have these skills, or a desire and demonstrated ability to learn them, with our support:

  • You are comfortable with open-source website software, particularly Drupal 7 and 8.
  • You are skilled at planning website architectures and training a client to use their website.
  • If conflict arises in a client relationship, you are able to hang in and work through it.
  • You can effectively manage projects of our scale while developing and maintaining an exceptional relationship with your client.
  • You have additional skills, such as issue campaign design and management, social media content development, constituent relationship management platforms, video production and editing, photography, illustration, graphic design, facilitation, new media, or writing.

Even if you aren’t a precise match for the skills and experience above, we welcome your application if you believe you’re right for this position.

Tamarack Today
Tamarack Media Cooperative is a five-person member-owned cooperative creating quality communication tools for organizations that help people enjoy, learn about, and defend the natural world. We love the strong relationships we’ve built with each other and with our clients and we are guided by these values. We’re looking to add two new members (check out our developer job description) who share our goals for a fair and peaceful planet.

As we expand, we want to open space for people with under-represented identities within this field. Our current members identify as white, cis-gendered, and majority male. We are aware of our limited perspectives, experiences, and skills and believe that increasing diversity within our team will expand our capacity to serve our clients and the movements at the forefront of changing our world for the better. We want to hire people who are excited to be part of a team that is actively striving to shift the default culture of white environmentalism within our own team and among our clients to an environmentalism that is actively anti-oppression.

Our members are each in our own locations at the moment (Burlington, VT / Minneapolis, MN / Terre Haute, IN / Roanoke, VA). We’re interested in new members currently living in one of these locations, but we are open to members in any U.S. location. We gather at one member’s location annually for a work/family retreat.

Cooperative Model and Compensation
All staff members are on track to become equal owners of the business. Owners have equal ownership and equal compensation, benefits, profit sharing, and governance responsibility. At one year of employment, we will determine if an offer of ownership will be made. We will provide clear expectations that, if met, will lead to an offer.

During the first year as a staff member, compensation is:

  • $55,000 annual salary rate for approximately 40 hours per week.
  • 28 paid vacation days and 7 sick days, with an additional 10 days for new parent or family emergency leave and the opportunity for additional unpaid leave.
  • Full premium cost of health care plan roughly equivalent to the gold level for your full family.
  • Compensation for shared office space or home office.
  • Computer and phone.


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Project Management
Environmental/Animal Welfare
Posted on:
September 10, 2019

How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume and answers to the following questions to join@tamarackmedia.com:

  • What skills and experience are you proud to bring to our team and our clients?
  • What new things are you excited to learn?
  • How does our Dismantle Systems of Oppression value resonate with you?