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NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network is seeking the services of a graphic design professional or agency to produce a variety of marketing materials to promote our annual Nonprofit Technology Conference. The event, lovingly known to attendees as NTC, is organized and produced by NTEN, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, and is the organization’s annual signature event, attracting about 2200 nonprofit professionals each year.

Graphic Design Services – Project Design

NTEN requires the contract services of a graphic design professional or agency able to 1) work with NTEN to develop an overall branding concept and logo for the conference, and 2) produce print/digital marketing materials in the form of (but not limited to): ads, signs, conference backdrop, and digital graphics.

The two main goals for the graphic design work are:
1. Ensure a consistent brand identity in the design of all NTC visual media and that it aligns with
NTEN’s brand and personality.
2. Ensure that the main audience – NTC attendees – can clearly understand the materials and
relevant action is taken for each intended purpose.

To reach these two key goals, we are seeking a process-oriented graphic designer or team with excellent project management skills to carry out this work. The designer or team is required to work with select NTEN staff on design and content specifications, with the Membership & Engagement Director as the key contact person. Please note that candidates do not need to have in-house printing services.

Project Budget

Please provide a range for your work and a la carte services. Our budget range is up to $15,000.

Basis for Award of Contract

Candidates will be scored by relevant NTEN staff based on the following method of evaluation/ranking

  • Portfolio Review
    Please provide 3-5 samples indicating relevant design work that includes an in-person event (web
    links or URLs are sufficient). The candidate’s graphic design portfolio will be reviewed for
    aesthetic value and range of design products presented as they relate to the needs of the project
    (e.g. social media graphics, ads, signage, program guides, merchandise). Candidates with
    conference marketing experience will be given a higher ranking.
  • Interview
    Final candidates will be interviewed to get an understanding of their design process, management
    of workflow, interpersonal skills, and timing of turnaround. During the interview, candidates should
    be able to communicate their needs and expectations of a client in order to produce their best
    quality work, and be able to demonstrate how they are able to balance client workflow with their
    current staff capacity to meet their needs. Candidates that can communicate a clear in-house
    design process will be given a higher ranking.
  • Cost
    While of high-priority for any nonprofit organization, NTEN is not bound to go with the lowest bid,
    or any bid, during this process. The final decision will attempt to balance the estimated cost with
    the candidate’s quality, apparent capacity to meet the needs, creativity, ability to work with the
    key team and ability to handle the needs of the NTC. The proposal submitted should be detailed
    and itemized to sets of deliverables.
  • Social and environmental commitment
    Each year the NTC strives to carry out sustainable practices to the best extent possible, and
    therefore expect the same of our vendors. Candidates should be able to demonstrate their
    commitment to social, environmental, and accessibility practices.

This is an outline of the minimum deliverables required from the designer. Additional deliverables may be included in the scope of work, based on the proposals received and the capacity and skill of the designer/s.

  • Primary conference logo:
    Sizeable to fit everything from a mobile device to a stage set piece
    1 full color version
    1 one color version
  • Secondary conference logo:
    50 – 100 pixels, for use in spaces smaller than 1 inch wide
  • Style guide:
    Combining knowledge from the discovery phase, and the final logo designs, the designer will produce a comprehensive style guide for NTEN’s use, including key colors and fonts to reflect the brand.
  • Website “skin”:
    Using NTEN’s existing web infrastructure, designer to develop website look and feel that’s in keeping with agreed brand.
    The design will include an update to the panels on the front page of the site, along with 2 internal pages (one with a sidebar, one without).
  • Social media collateral:
    Social headers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
    Images shaped for social sharing (to embed in webpages, so social shares look fantastic)
  • Signage templates:
    Apply design concept to three different sign sizes
    Concepts for 6-8 production pieces, for example: counter and column wraps.

Milestones and deadlines
As the next NTC will take place April 11-13, 2018, candidates should have the capacity to take on this
contract, and be available/meet the following deadlines, keeping in mind these are estimates:

  • Bi-weekly check in calls with NTEN’s Membership & Engagement Director, with a kick-off meeting
    tentatively July 5.
    ○ July 5 – agree to project plan and NTEN to submit brand scope ideas
    Branding concept & logo (estimates):
    ○ July 17 – concept and logo ideas submitted, based on NTEN input
    ○ July 24 – second round of concept and logo design
    ○ July 31 – third round of revision (if needed), or concept and logo selected by NTEN
    ○ August 7 – concept and logo selected by NTEN
  • Deadlines for digital pieces (estimates):
    ○ August 21 – style guide and web assets submitted
    ○ September 18 – social media and email assets submitted
    ○ November 6 – app colors, logo, splash screen submitted
  • Deadlines for printed pieces (estimates):
    ○ Key signage and conference backdrop
    ■ January 1 – concept of signage and stage backdrop
    ■ February 1 – NTEN to deliver signage copy
    ■ February 23 – draft signs due to NTEN for review
    ■ March 2 – NTEN to give final signage edits
    ■ March 6 – print ready signage files to be received
    ○ Other signage template
    ■ February 19 – NTEN to supply specs for other signage
    ■ February 26 – signage templates produced in up to five sizes

NTEN expects its partners to be timely, open, intentional, and agile, and commits to being same.
Communications will be over email, phone and Google Hangout. NTEN will provide a Dropbox account
for files to be received. The web development style guide should be submitted using Invision and Zeplin.
The vendor commits to using Creative Commons or free fonts and photos (for example, Google Fonts.)
The website design must be mobile responsive and fit to the existing framework of the NTC site.

Contact Information and Deadline for Submissions
The deadline for applications is June 17, 2017. Submissions should be received by email (or link from an email) to Membership & Engagement Director Lyndal Cairns – lyndal@nten.org. This is also the best address for questions.

About NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network
NTEN is the membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals. We connect our members to each other, provide professional development opportunities, educate our constituency on issues of
technology use in nonprofits, and spearhead groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on
technology issues affecting our entire community. Website: www.nten.org


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May 17, 2017

How to Apply

The deadline for applications is June 17, 2017. Submissions should be received by email (or link from an email) to Membership & Engagement Director Lyndal Cairns – lyndal@nten.org. This is also the best address for questions.