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Collection Data and Media Systems Administrator

Oakland Museum of California


The Collections Data & Media Systems Administrator will implement and monitor policies and procedures for data handling and information flow for all collections database systems. The position will manage and provide oversight of table structures, lexicons and data standards, oversee and monitor database integrity, record management and data entry consistency of the Museum’s CollectionSpace and Digital Asset Management database systems (DAM). They will play a lead role in the development, administration and support of the Museum’s central collections management system, interactive and web technologies and the project manager in the selection and implementation of the Museum’s first DAM.

  • Maintain and support the Museum’s instance of CollectionSpace
  • Serve as Project Manager in the selection and implementation of a Digital Asset Management System
  • Work closely with Registrars, Curators, Preparation Staff, Marketing etc., to ensure the CollectionSpace and DAM are meeting the Museum’s needs
  • Respond to users’ questions and solve users’ problems related to CollectionSpace and the Digital Asset Management System
  • Review and Implement new features, customizations and software upgrades for both systems
  • Oversee the development and implementation of API’s to share data between CollectionSpace, the Digital Asset Management System, online resources and in-gallery exhibitions
  • Develop, implement, and maintain a user-training program for CollectionSpace and Digital Asset Management System


Information Technology
Arts, Culture, and Humanities
$70,000 to $75,000
Posted on:
October 8, 2019