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Adoptions Analyst

University of Florida Advancement


The Adoptions Analyst will be responsible for creating and implementing change management strategies and plans that result in strategic deployment, informed and prepared stakeholders, and mitigated risks to operations. Reporting to the Associate Director of Project Management & Business, this position will play a key role in ensuring projects (change initiatives) meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage with a focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems, and technology, job roles and organization structures. Project Management & Business Analysis collaborates closely with Advancement teams on institution-wide strategic initiatives to develop, document, and implement departmental and organizational priority projects, process improvements, and procedures.

Role and Responsibilities:

Change Management

  • Manage the successful execution of the end-to-end change management program, applying strong project management skills to identify and mitigate risks/issues as they arise.
  • Develop impact assessment and stakeholder analysis deliverables to document how technology changes will impact each business team and role.
  • Formulate the change management strategy and plan to facilitate a successful transition, including stakeholder engagement, communications, and role-based training activities.
  • Serve as convener, facilitating workgroups, meetings, engaging in appropriate conversations with internal/external stakeholders, conducting appropriate research to support strategies, and creating roadmaps to advance priority projects.
  • Effectively communicate project expectations, including documentation and quality assurance, with workgroup teams and report on the progress of assigned projects, both internally and externally, to ensure successful implementation and delivery of value to partners.
  • Work with customers and project teams to determine deployment and implementation requirements.
  • Assist in deployment risk assessment and mitigation activities.
  • Analyze deployment issues and provide effective resolutions.
  • Coordinate with management to develop deployment communication and continuity plans.
  • Partner to develop a formal closeout and transition to business owner process that stewards projects through adoption.
  • Partner with analysts to develop and coordinate a project intake process that governs large-scale projects with technology impacts.
  • Develop engagements for new product developments, product upgrades, and process improvements.
  • Evaluate existing deployment and implementation implementing process improvements to the change management methodology and playbook.
  • Assist with the tracking and management of documentation deadlines and milestones within projects.
  • Ensure compliance with all University of Florida and Advancement regulations and best practices in-office systems, practices, file maintenance, and record-keeping; ensure effective use of strategic tools and resources with the mission, vision, and values.

Education & Training

  • Work with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive rollout plan that includes training materials, an internal communications plan, and a transition plan for long-term sustainability and awareness.
  • Partner with business analysts to gather and understand training requirements and develop targeted approaches for all functional areas impacted by product enhancements, business rules, or other changes.
  • Partner with project managers to establish and document alignment of change management plans with project planning and milestones.
  • Design training requirements and deliver training for product and process enhancements.
  • Synthesize business rules, policies, and procedures into impactful end-user materials including 1-pagers, tutorials, technical documentation, and workflows targeted for varied audiences.
  • In collaboration with the Associate Director, provide job training and cross-training to team members on deployment approaches.
  • Develop deployment documentation for customers and maintain training and learning materials for teams..
  • Regularly audit adoption of products and processes through surveys or usage data to evaluate change management practices.
  • In collaboration with the Associate Director and the PMBA team, coordinate and document change management and data analysis policies and procedures.
  • Maintain change management and training curriculum documentation.

Relationship Management

  • Contribute to a project team environment that fosters trust and facilitates solution-oriented discussions ensuring optimal organizational solutions.
  • Present materials to support communication of policies and procedures across departments.
  • Execute communication plans as developed in projects to ensure communication both internally and externally.
  • Provide customer support during deployment, implementation, and adoption.
  • Schedule meetings and report deployment status to management on regular basis.
  • Provide post-deployment support to customers as needed to evaluate adoption and ongoing customer training or documentation needs.
  • Work with Business Analysts to enhance the knowledge base for internal and external audiences, using version control to update and maintain training and reference materials.


$65,000 to $70,000
Posted on:
April 29, 2021

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