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4 Mobile Design Strategies for Content-Heavy Websites

April 29, 2013
You're redesigning your website. Of course you want it to look as good on a mobile device as it does on a large screen. But do you need an app, too?

For most organizations, a responsive website is more than sufficient. But, there are some things that a mobile browser just can't do. Here's a quick breakdown of four approaches and key considerations for mobile design.

Building Community On Your Website

March 14, 2013
Finding ways of increasing member/supporter engagement was identified as a top priority for small membership organizations in our recent Small Membership Insight Survey. We also had survey participants ask their membership peers questions such as: How do you use your website to engage members more? It starts with a conversation One way to build engagement and keep members and supporters coming back to your website, is by creating a sense of community - one that starts a conversation that engages visitors by offering valuable information and ideas.

8 Steps to Prepare your Facebook Page for Graph Search

March 7, 2013
Facebook Page SEO isn’t new Google has been indexing Facebook Pages for quite some time now, so Facebook Page SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t anything new. Both Google’s and Facebook’s search algorithms consider your page name, category, vanity URL and keywords within your About tab. What is new is the combination of keyword, category and connection (as shown in the examples below) – and the way Graph Search suggestions influence how searches are conducted. Here are eight steps to optimizing your Facebook Page for both Google and Facebook’s Graph search: