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How to Get More Donors With Your Nonprofit Website

November 17, 2015
Dear nonprofits of the world: Is your website helping you increase donations to your cause? Many nonprofits often find themselves in a catch–22. You need a better website, but you don’t have the budget to improve it. And you’re not raising as much money as you could be because you need a better website.

The Oft-overlooked Tactics That Always Undermine a Great Digital Presence

November 13, 2015
Many factors go into planning, designing, and building a great website that’s designed to meet your audience’s needs. But too often, a recurring series of habits combine to chip away at how much that site can live up to its potential.

Time to Redesign: Effective Website Planning

April 16, 2015
Let’s start with a simple question: Does your organization’s website advance your business goals and make you proud? If the answer is “yes,” congratulations— you’ve probably worked very hard to get to this point. For everyone else, particularly in the nonprofit community, the answer is frequently somewhere in between “I’m not sure” and “no.” Common constraints around time, capacity, and budget often lead to the misperception that a great site is too far out of reach.  I’d like to reject that premise.

How Kickstarter Got Subtitles and Captions

April 15, 2015
Last week, Kickstarter added an important new feature to its website: the ability for people to place captions and subtitles on the videos they upload. Project videos have always been a huge part of Kickstarter — they’re a chance for creators to speak right to you, explain who they are, and demonstrate what they’re trying to make.

Everyone Gather Around: Let’s create meaningful and measurable content strategies

April 10, 2015
Do you create content, measure it, analyze it and still wonder what, if any, impact that content had on your goals? If you answered yes to that question, you are not alone. In the majority of organizations we have spoken to, worked with, and now surveyed, there is a disconnect between content creation, measurement, and impact.

Can You Get a Good Website on a Small Budget?

April 9, 2015
As a nonprofit organization, you might have a love/hate relationship with your website. Slick, modern, fast, responsive websites with beautiful user experiences are nice, but they're also expensive. Sometimes the job of managing a nonprofit site falls to the geekiest person who's not afraid to tinker with it. When you decide to become more strategic about your web presence, you might be at a loss for how to actually go about doing that.

Two New Domains for Good: The launch of .ONG and .NGO

April 8, 2015
April is an exciting time for nonprofits around the world. Finally, there is a new web domain designed for the exclusive use of this mission-driven industry. In 2011, a team from the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the nonprofit registry of .ORG and now both .NGO and .ONG domains, started creating a new platform for nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and charities to engage online.

How to Make Large, Content-Heavy Websites More Engaging & Effective

April 7, 2015
When it comes to creating more engaging, effective websites for the content-heavy crowd, we just need designed solutions that, in the words of Herbert Simon, turn this not-so-great situation into one that’s preferred.

The State of the Canadian Web Nation

April 6, 2015
Nearly a year ago, my colleagues Fraser Green, Todd Jamieson, and I decided we could no longer simply work with unreliable or incomplete statistics and benchmarks about nonprofit websites in Canada, and that you shouldn’t have to either. So we decided to poll Canadian charities to get a better sense of what the state of the web nation actually is. The goal was simple: determine website baselines and benchmarks for the Canadian charitable sector.