Topic: Project Management

Case Study of NTEN’s Website Relaunch: The home page

November 28, 2014
The home page of any organization's website is something between a welcome mat and an elevator pitch: you want it to be a clear and thoughtful statement of the organization's identity and purpose, and you want to entice visitors to linger and explore the website. We recognize that NTEN's current home page could use some improvement...and we have heard as much from the NTEN Community.

NTA Case Study: Image Journal

November 18, 2014
When Stuart Scadron-Wattles joined Image three years ago as Director of Resource Development, he was charged with boosting unearned income to help make the 25-year-old organization as sustainable as possible.

Smart Strategies for Using PDFs on Your Site

November 10, 2014
I have some news to share with you: most PDFs on your site don’t get read. Sad but true. The good news is that you’re not alone. World Bank recentlyreleased a report that showed that nearly a third of the reports (in PDF format) on their site were not being downloaded and read. So much effort, so little ROI. You may wonder if PDFs are even worth the trouble. They actually can be, but there are definite pros and cons to using them on your site.

Connecting Resources and People: a Journey from Website to Digital Strategy

July 21, 2014
Content-rich websites are resplendent with both opportunities and challenges. NTEN staff met up with Reggie Henry, CIO of ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, to understand how their membership organization went about meeting the challenge of better connecting ASAE's online resources and information to the members who need and want specific content.

How to Plan a Mobile App Project

April 18, 2014
Over the past four years, I've worked on more than a dozen native apps for iOS. In this article, I'll share a few insights gained through my work on three nonprofit apps:

Case Study: Death With Dignity National Center Applies Lessons from the Nonprofit Tech Academy

June 4, 2013
When DWD hired Melissa Barber full-time as electronic communications specialist in 2010, the plan was to launch a full-fledged electronic communications department to oversee several technology projects. Barber learned about the Nonprofit Tech Academy (NTA) and brought the opportunity to her new boss, executive director Peg Sandeen. "The timing was fortuitous," said Sandeen. Prior to the Academy, DWD was "keeping the lights on" as far as technology adoption and reactive in its approach. "We were fairly proactive in the content of our messaging but less so in the technologies to deliver them," said Sandeen.

6 Tips for Managing Project Requests from Staff without Losing Your Own Priorities

November 15, 2012
If your job involves doing projects for other staff – such as posting online content, IT tech support, or database management – you may find it challenging to manage your own daily To Do List and to plan farther ahead. Juggling competing deadlines and projects, you may often delay your own assignments to make way for more immediate needs or to keep your “clients” happy.

5 Tips for a Smooth Tech Project

November 9, 2012
When you're investing in a large technology project, you want it to go smoothly, from planning to launch. At Food & Water Watch, we just finished a big data migration, moving our online and donor databases to a new, integrated database and eCRM that, at launch, needed to be actively used by about 40 staff. It's common to hire a consultant to manage a process of this scope, but we chose to manage it in-house, working directly with the vendor. That approach worked well for us, and now that we're up and running with our eCRM, I wanted to share what worked well for us, and what we learned along the way.